Govt Discloses Names of 4 Digital India Brand Ambassadors including Ankit Fadia



Through-out the day today Social Media has been abuzz with one question – Is Self proclaimed hacker Ankit Fadia a brand ambassador for Digital India Mission.

Earlier in the day official Govt had came out with clarification that, there was no such move to appoint brand ambassador for Digital India initiative.

Here is a screenshot of the denial.

Brand Ambassador denial

However, the denial was later removed from the site and so were the tweets mentioning the same from PIB’s official Twitter account.

The whole issue started when Ankit Fadia declared on his Facebook page that he was “Humbled and honored to be appointed as one of the Brand Ambassadors to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative.” Most of the online folks were quite surprised at this appointment and could not believe it.

However, Government has now come out with another clarification and have stated that they have indeed appointed 4 Brand Ambassadors for Digital India mission to generate mass awareness of the program. Here is the the text of the release.


As part of the Digital India week (July 1-7, 2015) following four Brand Ambassadors were nominated for a period of one year to propagate the product and applications being launched by the department under Digital India Programme:

  1. Shri Satwat Jagwani, All India IIT-JEE —Advanced Topper -2015 (Student)
  2. Ms. Krati Tiwari, All India IIT-JEE —Advanced Girl Topper -2015 (Student)
  3. Mr Ankit Fadia, Author & Ethical Hacker
  4. Shri Pranav Mistry, Samsung USA (Computer Scientist/ Author of 6th Sense)

Thereafter, no other person has been appointed as Brand Ambassador for Digital India.

The services of these Brand Ambassadors will be used, as and when required for generating mass awareness for the programme.


So, all the doubts and debate can now put to rest! Mr. Ankit Fadia is indeed a Brand Ambassador for Digital India mission!

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