MapmyIndia Launches SafeMate, A Personal Safety Device for Women & Children



GPS based devices and applications are being widely used for women safety in the recent past. Now a thing of the future is a device for the same. MapmyIndia has now launched a device, which has a GPS base and would send information to your registered contacts in cases of emergency. The device looks nice as it is portable, a tiny little thing, which can be carried around without any hassles.

Like many devices, which are being sold exclusively on specific e-commerce portals these days, this one too is going to be available only on Flipkart for a price of Rs. 6,990. Commenting on the partnership, Amitesh Jha, Vice President-Retail, Flipkart said: “SafeMate is a great way to start our safety product segment. We are excited to exclusively launch this one of its kind product by MapmyIndia. Creating a benchmark in the personal safety segment in India, we are confident that this new offering will be a big hit amongst customers across age groups.”

The major plus of the device is that it is lightweight. Not many of us, would be very keen on carrying a distinguished mapping device especially when a large populous now carries smartphones, which have multiple applications which are GPS based. However, with the government’s incompetency in tackling women safety issues in recent past, SafeMate would probably be a safe mate for a woman to go around with, especially for the ones who travel during odd hours around secluded places.

Check out the Safemate introductory video

This device could even help curb the child trafficking act which is growing in the country as it is a match-box sized and can hence be put into school bags. It would alert parents with location of the child incase the child is lost or even kidnapped.

It has built-in GPS and Internet connectivity, using which it continuously and securely transmits the live location of the people who are carrying the device to your mobile phone and computer so that you know they are safe.

So this is how it works- in case of emergency, one can just press the large and easily accessible SOS button, which will send email and SMS alerts to you and other designated people so that they can help or organize help from emergency services. However, it has always been a matter of debate in applications too as to can the person in trouble be able to quickly intimate others on such devices. It totally depends on the gravity of situation the person is into.

The advantage that this device has over smartphones is that most of the times users turn GPS off to save battery from draining. Also, mobile phones aren’t allowed in many schools either. The company claims that SafeMate’s battery lasts upto 3-4 days and it takes just a couple of hours to charge it. It also seems to be easier as a one button click is definitely more helpful in accurate emergencies as compared to the complications of the applications in the smartphones.

We still feel the device, which is priced at Rs.6990 may not appeal to many due to steep price! What do you think?

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  1. Narsimha says

    A better aleternative to Smart phone apps, but still got its drawbacks, Charging every 4 days is not so practical, what if fail to charge or something unfortunate happens on the last power minutes.

    Yes, Its just a biginning. More better and practicle devices expected soon.

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