The Verdict is in, Only 17% Employees Work for Money, 83% Would Opt to Work for Passion: Monster


No Loyalty! 82% Indian Employees Intend To Switch Job Within 12 MonthsOnline job portal Monster is launching a ‘Love What You Do’ campaign urging jobseekers to follow their passion in their current jobs. Money is a very powerful entity. It can build empires and even break kingdoms down. It can take some dreams away, and make some come true. It can make some very miserable, whilst make others feel very happy.

One easily links the pursuit of money with pursuit of happiness in today’s world; many also strongly argue that money is an equivalent to happiness. In the Indian culture, there persists this problematic mindset, which comes as an inherent gift. This leads many to take a path they don’t really want to, and be stuck up in it for the rest of their lives.

Understanding this very fact, Monster is launching  ‘Love What You Do’ – a campaign that aims at provoking and inspiring people to love what they do and pursue their passion. The campaign is launched with the vision to take the next step towards more happiness in work and more integration of passion with work life.

A recent survey conducted by Monster revealed that 56 percent of the respondents could not find a job that meets their passion. Only 13 percent of the respondents consider themselves fortunate to follow their passion in their current job. While choosing careers, people are sometimes blinded by the love for money, not considering the option that would best suit them. Although money can buy temporary happiness, it is certainly incapable of getting back the lost time, the most valuable asset of all times. Wasting life is not worth the fattest pay cheque.

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There is also another major concern in this era, which is scarcity of jobs. People end up being stuck in jobs they hate just because of the sheer need and greed for money. While launching the campaign, Mr. Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, Monster (India/Middle East/Southeast Asia/Hong Kong) said, “In today’s age there are two types of employees- one for whom compensation is the criteria for job satisfaction and the other segment who pursue their passion to make careers; irrespective of pay. The revelation from Monster’s poll is that the first segment is only a meager 17 percent as compared to the latter (83 percent).”

He further added that, “Interestingly, there still exists a 14 percent who are unsure of their passion. We believe that people have latent skills, which are usually spotted by an outsider. With this campaign, we hope to act as an enabler pushing passion to skills and helping people find better jobs by bringing meaning to their life. Any job can be yours as long as you love what you do. Many have found theirs. Find yours.” In the campaign, Monster is rolling out an extensive communication through radio, social, mobile, display media and offline engagement activities at prominent airports.

Monster has successfully hit the right nerves while campaigning, by releasing a series of 4 videos has been created. In each of the videos, the protagonist finds his calling by keeping the spark alive and following his passion in his job. Each video tells a motivating story of finding a sweet spot between what one currently does and what one would love doing #MonsterMyJob.

  1. S Ray says

    Why not both – Money and Passion? If you are passionate enough to hang on to your job you love, money will follow eventually.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, both is the ideal scenario. But remember, you need to first follow your passion, money too will follow…but later..

    2. Arun kumar says

      i completly agree to this please note that all are talking as work !

      these is a difference between work and play, play is some thing that you love to do and work is some thing u are forced to do , convert work into play , you will love to play which becomes a passion finally

      most run behind money , please note that if u run behind perfection in work , the money wil automatically follow….

      many miss this plain truth only to realize this in the end when the sun sets….


  2. Anikait Chavan says

    i guess “i’m unsure where my passion lies” % displayed above is less than the actual figures…

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