Blackberry Registers 2 Android Related Domain Names, Gets Closer To Embracing Android OS


Blackberry Android

Blackberry has been the center of a lot of rumors in the recent past regarding the company’s plans to adopt the Android OS for its smartphone business. While the company has been in the denial mode for quite some time, a Reuters report revealed something very interesting.

Blackberry has registered two new domain names related to Android OS as and

The Canada-based company which was once a big name in the smartphone business had lost its sheen in the recent past due to various factors. It has been trying out a lot of new things for its revival. Blackberry Enterprise Service is one such thing where the company offers Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform to its rival operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Blackberry also provides enhanced security for some Samsung Galaxy phones. It also worked with Aircraft maker Boeing for making a secured Android smartphone called Boeing Black.

Blackberry’s CEO John Chen kept his mum about this speculations and said that Blackberry would build an Android phone only if it can be secured.

In an official statement, the company said, ” BlackBerry frequently registers domain names to support the breadth of our cross-platform portfolio. Android is an important part of our cross-platform enterprise software strategy.” when opened redirects to a Blackberry website for secured Android Lollipop platform and BES12 services.

While the company has declined to give any solid information about its Android plans in future, it can be speculated that the company is indeed keeping Android OS as an option for making its next generation smartphones. The same can be confirmed from Blackberry’s CEO, John Chen’s statement and stories published on various popular tech portals in the recent past. It is believed that Blackberry will indeed launch quite a few phones running on Android OS.

Last month, we had reported about Blackberry’s plans to launch an Android-based slider smartphone. @evleaks also revealed a leaked render of Blackberry Venice. We must admit that the Venice looked great.

These are just speculations at the moment, but it would really make great sense for Blackberry if it would also start making secure Android smartphones while working on its enterprise mobility services.

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