Wipro Acquires Designit, Denmark’s Finest Strategic Design Company


Designit Wipro Digital

Wipro Digital’s shares are trading on the green side ever since the company announced a prospective Danish takeover. Confirming the acquisition on late 9th July evening, the deal is set to have been agreed on Rs. 595 crores (Euro 85 million) for the takeover of a digital service Denmark based company Designit. The management is of the opinion that this acquisition will pave way to better digitalized products for Wipro which can transform it’s product quality.

Designit, a firm founded by Anders Geert Jensen and Mikal Hallstrup in 1991 is a global strategic design firm that works on it’s client’s products to increase the product’s design, service design and experience design. It has won many accolades for it’s perfection in the field and the firm has worked with big giants like Audi, Vodafone and L’Oreal Paris to name a few. The firm employs 300 designers working from it’s offices in 11 cities around the world. It’s one of the biggest design-innovating-privately owned firm in the world.

The founder, Mikal says, “Design is no longer about beautification. It is about creating a strategic foundation, driving growth and change across industries… There is an endless market for products, services, and systems that need to be simplified and humanized” and now that’s exactly why Wipro is interested. “Our clients are looking to us to help them transform their businesses and move at the speed of digital. Solving these complex challenges starts with strategic design and fuses a human-centered method with innovative technology solutions delivered by multi-disciplinary teams of strategists, designers and engineers”, Rajan Kohli, Senior VP, Wipro Digital cleared the confusion of the acquisition.

Wipro expects this acquisition to redefine it’s client experiences and as it’s VP put it, the acquisition will compliment it’s existing products. Wipro wants to ace the IT service sector race in the next 3 years and this acquisition will help Wipro redesign it’s whole product range and client experience. With Infosys setting up R&D centers in Israel, TCS battling it’s Q1 that just plummeted triggering the firm to vow to train 1 lakh employees better, Wipro is trying to ensure it’s the fittest in these survival times.

By acquiring Designit, Wipro is hopeful of a digital transformation soon. But most sources say that the firm won’t hide away it’s wallet yet this being Wipro Digital’s first global purchase.

Wipro is looking out for worthy startups that can quench it’s thirst for product innovation. Designit, the sources say, will be the first of the many more digital purchases to come along and surely by the end of this financial year Wipro’s CEO TK Kurien will be window shopping till he finds what he’s looking for.

Technology is changing by the minute and talents are always on a shortage, acquiring startups and established businesses is the answer to the ever changing IT industry, feels Wipro. Is buying established businesses the answer to solving the complex customer satisfaction puzzles? Let us know what you think.


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