Now, Send Direct Messages To Strangers On Facebook At Cost! Rs. 22.62 For India, But Varies For Every Country


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Facebook is getting smarter. Just a month back, we saw many changes were made by Facebook to improve the news feed of every single user and added video calling to its messenger. And now they have introduced a new feature to allow you to send messages directly to stranger’s inbox, but it comes at a cost.

There is no official confirmation from Facebook on this as yet. A couple of years back, Facebook had started testing this feature at a price of $100 per message. And now looks like they are rolling it out to users.

The minimum cost charged by Facebook to send message to a stranger (neither in friend list nor in mutual friend list) is Rs 22.62 in India. This is what I had experienced when I was trying to send message to an Indian Facebook user earlier this morning. Here’s the screenshot for the same:

Send Messages to Strangers on Facebook in India

Charges Vary Country Wise

The feature is not just to send messages to users in India but you can also send them to any Facebook user across the world. When I was searching for Luke Stewart, who is a stranger to me from Brisbane, and tried to message him directly to his inbox, the cost was Rs 66.03. By this, it is clear that if the stranger is not from India, you have to pay more. Here’s what I experienced:

Send Message to Australian Facebook User Australia

Similarly, I searched for the same name and found the Facebook stranger from Poland. I was surprised to see that the charge was Rs 12.30 only, less than that of sending messages to a user in India. I wonder why the cost varied, may be due to currency. Well, we have to wait until Facebook makes an official announcement on this.

Send Message to Poland Facebook User

How Does It Works?

Sending message to an unknown user is very easy. All you have to do is search for a particular person whom you want to message and click on the message button. If that particular person is not in your friend list or mutual friend list, you will get a message saying that, “Your message will go to his other folder because you are aren’t connect him on Facebook. See more.”

When you click on see more, you will find a pop-up indicating that, “Send this message directly to his inbox at Rs 22.62.”


Facebook users may find this feature useful in some instances – for e.g. when someone wants to directly get in touch with some influential people or celebrities, this might be one of the ways in which they can reliably send across the message.

As there is no confirmation from Facebook, it is hard to understand why the charges vary from one country to another. We will update you soon as we learn more.

Did you try to send messages to strangers? What was the cost charged by Facebook in your case? Do share your thoughts with us.

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