Google To Soon Launch New Web Photo Sharing Service


Google Web Photo Service

Google, the search engine giant is coming up with something new. Google is reportedly said to reveal the new photo sharing platform by the end of this month. Google’s developer conference i.e. Google I/O 2015 is to be held at end of the month and company is expected to reveal the new photo sharing platform with an unspecified name as of now.

Bloomberg, today reported that Google’s new product is a social photo sharing platform which is expected to make a debut at Google’s developers conference by the end of this month.

Last year, Google’s head for Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai hinted that the internet giant is considering to split the Google + in three different businesses to make them work independently. Google+ photos is one of them. After the break out of this news it seems that may be true!

Google’s new photo sharing platform will be a direct competition to Instagram. Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 Billion in 2012 and decided to keep the company as an independent entity.

In December 2014 Instagram reported to have a user database of over 300 million registered users who upload, share, comment and like the pictures and videos on the service.

Google’s rivalry with Facebook is known to all. We can conclude that the new service from Google will be directly in competition with Instagram. However, the real question is how well Google’s new service perform? Instagram already hold’s the majority share in the market with over 300 million users and already has a big headstart.

Also, Instagram is not the only one in this space, there are other biggies including Flickr, Photobucket and Fotolog have been around for sometime and do have decent market share themselves. Flickr alone has a user database of 87 million registered users. Photobucket claims to have 50 million users.

Few years back, Google+ was launched in competition to Facebook, which has not really taken off as expected. Now, with new Photo sharing service they are taking on Instagram. Only time will tell how successful will this new service be.

One thing is sure, if Google needs to succeed and be dominant in this space, they will need to come up with a platform that has something more to offer than existing services. If the offering is similar to all others, it is surely going to be difficult for them.

We do not have much details about this service as yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as we hear more.

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