PAN Card Will Be Issued Within 48 Hrs, Income Tax Dept. Promises!


Pan Card India Issuance

An official from Income Tax department has stated that a new methodology would be soon adopted by the Govt., which will enable issuance of Permanent Account Number (PAN) within 48 hours flat.

As of now, it usually takes 15-20 days to receive PAN card, after applying for the same. In some cases, the wait can even extend to 45+ days, depending on the location of the applicant.

The official said, “An online facility for issuance of PAN is on the anvil under which an applicant can get a PAN card within 48 hours,”

It was also mentioned that special camps would be arranged in rural areas for greater awareness and enrollment for PAN cards.

IT Department’s Ultimate Wish: More PAN Cards

India has a population of 1.2 billion (120 crores), and compared to it’s population, the penetration of PAN card has been really dismal, even after 12 years of it’s introduction.

As of March 2013, 170 million or 17 crore PAN cards have been issued, out of which only 30 million or 3 crore file Income Tax returns. Hence, only 14.1% of the Indian population has a Pan card, and only 2.5% file an IT return.

Despite such a shortfall, Income Tax is still one of the biggest sources of income for the Indian Govt., as per the budget of 2014-15, Government is all set to receive Rs 13,64,525 crore as revenues from Taxation (including all sorts of tax applied in India).

Its quite obvious that Income Tax department wants more people to have PAN card, which can enable more people to file IT returns, and hence more revenues would be generated for the Government.

Last year, in order to encourage more PAN cards, IT Dept. had included Voter’s ID and Aadhar Card as options for verification.

Brief History of PAN Card

PAN or Permanent Account Number is a unique 10 character long alpha numeric identifier, which is issued under Section 139A of the Income Tax Act to all entities identifiable under Income Tax Act 1961. Along with Passport, Voters ID and Aadhar Card, it is considered as of the pillars of proving identity in India.

However, unlike passport, PAN Card is not a proof of nationality, as foreign investors who have a valid visa can also apply for PAN card.

It was introduced in 2003, as a valid identifier to track all financial transactions of Indian citizens; you need it for opening bank account, receiving salary, professional fees, trading stocks, forex and even while buying jewelry worth more than Rs 1 lakh.

In the last Union Budget announced, the salaried employees who are earning less than Rs 4,44,200 need not file any tax returns.

PAN Card can be requested by filing Form 49A: Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number, which can also be applied online from their website.

Having more than one PAN card is a punishable offense, and attracts a penalty of Rs 10,000 or even higher depending on the transactions and the intent.


    I have applied since last one month but inspite of clearing my application, no response please provide asap.
    My Application Coupon number U – N002019278

  2. ASHRAF says


  3. Lavisha kithani says

    What about the correction ..
    How much time will it take
    When will it start not even receipt is not getting generated…
    Plz complete the process as soon as possible….today it has been 12day I have applied for a correction but hav not got the receipt yet

  4. Resmi N R says

    Respected sir
    My coupon no is UN001891935. It (Physical documents) was received through speed post in Chennai office on 03/07/2017. But I couldn’t get my acknowledgement No.

  5. Daniel Alfred says

    How long does it take to get a correction of name done in PAN card.

    1. Deepak says

      i am still waiting for my pan card. i had applied on 27/04/2017 and still waiting for it. is is under process with income tax department. So, you expect to get your pan card in 45-60 days. (Maximum)

      1. deepinder says

        Did u get ur pan card after that? How much maximum time it took for you. Cos mine is still under process and i applied 35 days back.

  6. RKMishra says


    I have applied since last one month but inspite of clearing my application, no response.

    R K Mishra

  7. Mohit Negi says

    Sir my name is mohit negi . My acknowledgement no is 092169700053001 my pan status is showing that pan number has been alloted by income tax and it is under process at nsdl and it will be despatch to you shortly . it is showing this status from last 10 days. Sir how much time it will take to print my pan card and reach to my address.

  8. Rahul says
  9. Sunethra says

    I applied for change of name in November 2016. I submitted Adhar Card, Gazette Officer’s certificate and followed all their protocol, but still not got even reply to my mail. Customer care I tried 100 times, got connected only 2 times, they just repeat the same dialogues. I do not know whom to approach or what to do next?

  10. Mohit Agarwal says

    I have applied for PAN card on 16th feb 2017.
    Acknowledge number is N-090819700213034
    Name on Card: GEHNA VILLE

    When i check the status online,its showing “Your application is under process at TIN facilitation centre. Kindly Call 011-23529580 for further processing of your application.”

    When i am calling this number this number shows busy from last 10 days. i have called thousands of time but it seems they have kept there phone receiver ON.
    Please tell me the time it will take to make the pan card or tell is some more formalities have to be done.
    Can you please help me by providing pan number asap.

    1. Pawan Kumar says

      Same problem with me.
      Have you received your pan card or not ????

  11. Tejas Doke says

    Hi. I have applied for pan card online through e-kyc/e-sign but when I open my acknowledgment in my pc I all details are good. but I cant see sign in this? sing is invisible for security?

    1. Nikul Vora says

      when you applied for esign you not need to sign. when pan received there is while Mark over there where you need to sing. for more contact 9016762311

  12. suman kumar debnath says

    i have applied for pan card on 21st feb, but it is still under process kindly provide my pan number as soon,i will be grate full

  13. SHAIK SUBHANI says

    Query: I Applied For PAN Card A Month ago .Acknowledgement Number: N-881031115811696 Yet The Application Under Process Could You Please Consider Sir. (WHEN I WAS RECIVED IT)Thank You PLEASE GIVE ME THE ANSWER.MY NO 8886970171.


    I won’t apply to govt of India a new pancard for create a new privet limited company because I won’t start up business in India. This parpas I need help.

  15. suman kumar satpathy says

    after applying for pan card can i get it after 72 hours

    1. bhanu says

      hai bro may i know procedure to get pan card quickely


    I have applied for correction in date of birth on PAN card on 31 January 2016. Since 9 march it is pending with Income Tax Department stating that it is under process at Income Tax Department . It is more that 20 days now. Can someone please guide me as to whom to contact so that I can get current status for my PAN car

  17. Yugandhara Patil says

    I have applied for correction in date of birth on PAN card on 2nd January 2016. Since 18th January it is pending with Income Tax Department stating that it is under process at Income Tax Department . It is more that 20 days now.

    Can someone please guide me as to whom to contact so that I can get current status for my PAN card.

  18. santanu says

    Indian Govt is really trying hard to make the system fast and efficient. This is the need of the hour as well. Good luck and hope many such awesome news is on the way. :)

  19. Amit Kumar says

    Hii MOHUL sir,

    it’s really an amazing news for all of us. Nowadays, pan card is the most important need and valuable document. So hope this Promises made by Income Tax Dept will work out.

    Since, Passport promises are still on the way. let’s see what happens.

    1. RKMishra says

      Sapne mat dekho. Saal bhar wait karo tab PAN milega. Mera to abhi ek mahine hua hai.

  20. Wonderer says

    How did the government monitor financial transactions prior to 2003 ,before introduction of PAN i wonder?

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