4 Things Apple Got Wrong With The New MacBook


New Macbook

As on March 9th, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a new line of MacBook, along with the highly anticipated Apple Watch. Apple decided not to place any fancy name with their new MacBook offering, and simply named it the New MacBook.

Described as the ‘thinnest’ and ‘lightest’ MacBook ever created, it weighs under 1 kg and is 13.1 mm thick.

The Apple tribe all over world went crazy on this new offering from Apple, which has not been categorized under their existing MacBook Pro or MacBook Air series. Presented in Gold color, the new MacBook has no fan, and along with that, there are several features which have been liked, hated and strongly debated across the technological hemisphere.

The new MacBook specifications:



Here, we present 4 changes in the new MacBook, which we believe Apple has got wrong, seriously wrong:

Only 1 USB Port!!!

Apple MacBook has only one USB port, which has been termed as USB-C port which can be used for charging, data transfer and video/audio outlet, all in one single port.

What if a user wants to charge his laptop and want to transfer data at the same time? The only option is to purchase an adaptor, which costs $79.

Although this single USB post makes the whole body thinner, is equipped to handle higher wattage charging, supports upto 5 GBPS data transfer speed and features Display Port 1.2, but having one single USB will seriously hamper the operations.

480 Pixels FaceTime Camera:

All earlier MacBooks have atleast 720 pixels front camera; and all contemporary laptops are equipped with either 720 pixels or higher front camera, making it almost the industry standard. But the new MacBook has 480 pixels front camera, which is again a big handicap.

Not only the resolution will be terribly poor, but it will also not have any high definition video chat or video broadcast. Considering the high cost of this laptop, it has not been appreciated by Apple lovers.

The only option for hardcore skype lovers and video chat enthusiasts is a new webcam, but it will spoil the party.

Weak Battery:

At a time when MacBook Air (13 inches) provides 12 hours of web access and 12 hours of video playback; MacBook Pro (Retina Display) offers 10 hours of web access and 12 hours of video playback; the new Mac Book will only provide us 9 hours of web access and 10 hours of video playback.

Although the product description says that the new battery is “terraced battery design”, which has been layered in individual sheets to save space and to make it thinner and lighter, the performance will suffer.

Moreover, the Apple logo will also not glow in the new Mac Book, making it a poor deal.

Another weak point.


The new MacBook comes in two variants: 256 GB SSD for Rs 80,000 ($1299) and 512 GB SSD for Rs 99,000 ($1599).

Despite poor camera, only 1 USB port, weak camera, there has been no compromise with the pricing.

Probably, Apple has put more emphasis on the design and look-feel aspect of the MacBook, along with the weight issue compared to functionality and features. Some commentators have even described it as an iPad with a keyboard!

Apple is, ofcourse, known to disrupt the status-quo and to introduce something so revolutionary that it makes heads turn. Maybe this what makes Apple, what it is today!

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  2. Nathan says

    Also, does this Mac really look better than your current computer? Is it as thin or light? As portable and dropable? I thought not.

  3. Nathan says

    What this article fails to provide in an in-depth review. They haven’t used the product. They just judge it by the specs.
    Specs need to be stable and balanced, not high. This is why the iPhone’s 8MP camera is far clearer than any of Nokia’s 40+MP cameras.

    Please use the product before judging it. Four tiny little things are nothing compared to Windows’ and Android’s 1000+ flaws. Apple products work because they are stable and well thought out.

    When was the last time you heard a Mac user complain about UI changes? Never.

    1. Rahul says

      Are you out of your mind? Have you even used a Nokia 1020 before commenting on it? I have used all of the iPhone variants leading up to the iPhone 6 Plus and the really old 1020 betters any iPhone camera out there. There is simply no comparison.

      1. Ankur Gupta says

        You are highly mistaken. Why are you comparing oranges with apples? Iphone 6+’s optical image stabilisation and optics can’t be matched with samsung S 6 Edge + and you are comparing it with something that’s lying in its grave !!

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