#IndiasDaughter Youtube BBC Documentary Blocked On Govt Orders!


Indias Daughter

#IndiasDaughter was the worldwide trending Hashtag today, and not without a reason. The controversial BBC documentary called “India’s Daughter” in regards to infamous 2012 Delhi gang-rape case went live on Youtube today. However, Indian Government, namely Ministries of External Affairs, Home and Information & Broadcasting swiftly took action and removed it from Youtube.

Indian Government had earlier lodged protest against airing the documentary, however BBC still went ahead and broadcasted “India’s Daughter” in UK on BBC on Wednesday night.

The controversial documentary was made by Leslee Udwin about the rape and murder of Nirbhaya (as she has been called since the incidence) that set India alight.

In last few days, media has buzzing about an interview in the documentary by one of the 6 convicted rapists, Mukesh Singh, who looked remorseless and made statements that displayed the ugly mindset of these rapists.

Today, earlier in the morning, the documentary went live on Youtube, which was uploaded by Game Pundits (see comment), even though Communications and IT Ministry had told Youtube that the issue was very sensitive and it should not be allowed the upload.

However, after the Govt got the court order in the afternoon, the Youtube video page shows “URL Blocked”, however, it was still available for people to be viewed.

A Youtube spokesperson said, “While we believe that access to information is the foundation of a free society, and that services like YouTube help people express themselves and share different points of view, we continue to remove content that is illegal or violates our community guidelines, once notified,”

It is interesting to note that currently the Youtube URL where the BBC Game Pundits had uploaded the documentary shows, “This video has been removed by the user.” This means that even though the page is accessible, BBC Game Pundits has pulled down the video.

Youtube Video removed by user

However, for a few hours that the documentary was live, many users seem to have managed to download it and again upload it on Youtube under their account. The complete documentary can still be viewed here and here. At the time of writing this, these videos were still available.

Now, that this documentary is online for a few hours, hundreds of people may have already managed to download it, and the documentary will surely pop-up on various other video sites as well!

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  3. Altaf Rahman says

    The whole problem is of our immature handling of the issue.
    Rajnath Singh is right in saying that a criminal should not be given a chance to express his views. But that argument stands if there was no interview. The interview should not have taken place in first place.
    Now by blocking / not allowing, we are aiding two things.
    First we are showing to the world that we are not proactive. We are reactive only.
    We are helping give more popularity by blocking / banning. Internat is such a tool that any content can be had by anyone anytime. The more we block, the more we encourage people to search content.
    Now that the damage is already done (interview taken place) let the world see how disgusting the criminals think. Once people see how that criminal talks, people get more inclined towards stricter punishment to criminals.
    Just my two paisa :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hey Altaf,

      As usual your 2 cents are great :) I agree with your Point of view and fully agree that ban should not have been done. The only thing one needs to think is whether this will create any further harm.

    2. meta says

      I agree here with ur words,this stupidity showed by leader will haunt them in international arena.well I managed to download it by the time it was aired.

  4. Game Pundits says

    It was our video which was 1st bocked by court order.Then we removed it ourselves. And we aren’t BBC guys. BBC never posted a video on youtube. The image you have posted in last was of ours’ video.

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