Jet Airways Flight Status & Low Fares Now Just A Tweet Away!


Jet Airway Flight Status

A good new move from Jet Airways in the form of #JetInstant has taken off on March 3 on Twitter. Being one among India’s largest flying companies, it has taken to twitter for the benefit of the flyers. The airline has announced a new #JetInstant service, through which passengers can get flight status, and also know the lowest airfares by just tweeting. A hashtag tweet, which gets quick responses from Jet’s twitter team, allows the customer to even book the flight at a click.

“Jet Airways is happy to introduce #JetInstant, a first of its kind Twitter based innovation that lets you check the lowest fare or view your flight status with just a single tweet!”, it said on its website. The Vice President of Marketing at Jet Airways, Belson Coutinho introduced this service after having worked on it for long with their technology partners Travel Spends.

Twitter said in an official announcement, “By taking advantage of Twitter’s real-time platform, these new features offer simplicity and convenience in getting flight information instantly.”

To start using the service, follow the @jetairways account and then Tweet to them with the hashtag #JetInstant.

All you need to do:

Simply follow Jet Airway’s official Twitter handle @jetairways

For Flight Status, you need to tweet  @jetairways fltstatus < FlightNumber > < Flight Dep Date in DDMM >

?e.g. @jetairways fltstatus 9W301 0703

Here is an example

For getting Low fares, you will need to tweet:

@jetairways lofares < Origin > < Destination > < Departure Date DDMM > < Return Date DDMM > ?

e.g. @jetairways lofares BOM DEL 1503 2103

Jet promises to respond in seconds, so that the passengers can get the information they want anytime, anywhere. Flying with Jet Airway has thus now got all the more convenient for the public with real-time access to flight details. The company has put Twitter’s real-time platform to some real good use, as they are super user friendly and provide instant information.

The ever customer-centric Jet Airways has lived up to its tradition of offering something uniquely out of the box with this new feature on board.

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