Diabeto, A Smart Hardware To Track & Analyze Glucose levels On Your Smartphone


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The increase in smartphones and the rate of diabetes prevailing in India are quite the numbers you will see racing each other every year. In a recent article on ToI, Dr Arun Bal, diabetic foot surgeon warns,”India is facing an epidemic of diabetes. At present, confirmed diabetes patients in India are 67 million, with another 30 million in prediabetes group. By 2030, India will have the largest number of patients in the world. Diabetes is not only a blood sugar problem, but brings along other complications as well.”

Monitoring and changing food patterns goes a long way in keeping a tab on a disease like Diabetes. For many, the sugar level readings are to be taken on a timely basis. Any operation, medical procedure calls for all the patients to bring down their sugar levels to perform the medical procedure or operation. Manual readings though serve the purpose, the reliability is always at question.

Say hello to Diabeto, anadvanced way of tracking, analyzing and storing data related to Diabetes. Take your BG reading stored by the glucometer, insert it into the Glucometer, this twitter bird shaped device connects with your smartphone and transfers the reading to your smartphone. This data also gets stored on the cloud server for future reference.


The beauty of this hardware + mobile app combo is that all of this happens in less than five minutes!

Interestingly, Diabeto is also compatible with 25 leading pharma glucometers.

Diabeto gives you all the handy information like

  • Tracking your sugar levels and storing it
  • Tracking your mood
  • Tracking your insulin
  • Keeping carbohydrate log
  • tracking your activity

Here is how Diabeto works:

Diabeto, first incorporated under the Chile Startup program, already has many takers say the founders. There are many packages, the basic component starting from $49 to corporate package of $469. The 2.5 years of R&D brought to light Diabeto, making it more compatible with different glucometers.

Currently Diabeto is running a Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign and it has seen a great response. The campaign has about 15 days left, and it has already received over USD 16,000 against USD 10,000 target.

The device has a CE (Class 1a device) certification, since the first working prototype in 2012, the team has gone on to develop and improvise the prototype to finally got the approval of meeting international standards. In August 2013, the Diabeto iOS app was launched and in September 2013, the Android app was launched.

The think tank behind this amazing venture are Amir Shaikh, Hemanshu Jain, Sreekant Pawar, Vishal Chavan, Jayesh Dhanwade, Sheldon Lobo, Jean-Luc Neptune and Sadia Ahmed.

“There are more than 346 million people living with Diabetes and unfortunately even our parents are living with Diabetes. We started working on Diabeto to make the lives of our parents better. We are a mix of passionate geeks with varied experience ranging from pharmacy, management, coding and scaling previous startups”, say the experienced founders. Their mascot Diabeto Rocko is their inspiration they add.

This device surely makes diabetes less stressful and the readings more accurate. Vouching for the same, Sreekant Pawar, co-founder concludes, “There are many diabetes management apps out there. But they involve the manual entry of data. Here we integrate hardware and software to ensure electronic entries. A single Diabeto device can be used by a number of people.”

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