Weekly Wrap-Up: Airtel VOIP Charges, Major 2014 News Recap & More…


We at trak.in hope that all of our readers had a great start to this new year – We bring you 2015’s first wrap-up of the the week. If you were offline last week (which most of you were..), this is a great way to recap what happened in Online world last week.

Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

As 90% of the online videos are uploaded on Youtube, we analyzed some of the heavily watched and shared Indian videos on Youtube, and compiled this list of top 10 viral videos

Airtel has quickly withdrawn the VOIP charges that they were going to levy (see news report below). Their has been universal backlash from consumers and strong reaction from them has been seen on Online/Social Media channels over last few days.

Here we take a look at generally how a Digital Media agencies’ relations are with a client. We also suggest ways on how you can maintain a good client agency relation

After the Uber incident, Delhi has been abuzz with 2 actions, protests/legal actions against the accused, and legal actions/sanctions on the cab operators. Here we give you an overview of the new regulations for Cab Operators

After 4 years, Google has for the first time revealed the content that Indian Government has asked them to take down from the Internet as part of their six monthly Transparency report.

Trak.in does a recap some of the major news events in 2014, which every Indian talked about…

Mobile music apps are currently a rage amongst Indians. Most people have started consuming music over them. We take a look at apps like Gaana, Saavn, Wynk, SoundCloud and others

India Posts can now issue ATM Debit Cards to its saving account holders, and allow them to have bank statements from ATM machines, just like any bank holder in a private or national bank does.

We look at some of the top global company executives who had a tumultuous 2014. While some were axed, some remained at the helm in very difficult circumstances!

Indian Govt has removed ban on 4 out of 32 websites that were blocked earlier by Department of Telecom & IT. The unblocked sites include Github, Dailymotion, Weebly and Vimeo.

After growing Flipkart from a humble online book store to a $10 billion mammoth ecommerce portal, Flipkart Founders are now funding and mentoring other tech startups in India.

This is heart-felt open letter to Narendra Modi and Indian Government from a concerned Indian Internet User. By Banning 32 websites, you have shaken our trust in regarding the future of the Digital India in 2015

At the start of each New Year, new resolutions are in vogue. Everyone makes them but hardly anyone is successful at keeping them. We give you 5 Psychological Tricks To be Successful!

TCS Layoff Saga continues…As per the reports, a group of disgruntled employees would be filing a case against TCS management for mass layoffs in the company

Here are some interesting insights on Private wealth owned by Indians. Private Wealth refers to the wealth owned by individuals (and not by Govt’s or Institutions)

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  1. Sudar says

    Airtel has lost it’s reputation among every genuine customer for their daylight robbery.

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