7 Secrets Of Body Language That Every Entrepreneur Should Know


The human body is the best picture of the human soul.
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Body language is one of the most powerful influencer tools we will ever have – We had body language and signals before we had speech, and as per social scientists, 55% of what we understand in a conversation is read through the body language, 38% by tone of the voice and only 7% by actual words.

Body Language

If we are looking to persuade a person into a particular task, or to express our thoughts in the optimal manner, then body language can play a crucial role. Understanding body language is not only important for your own self, but also to understand others. Our mind gives instructions to the body to behave in a particular manner, and if we are able to understand this secret, then navigating this complex world of communications would be easier.

If you are an entrepreneur, and you are supposed to meet a person (employee or partner or vendor or investor), then decoding body language can play a crucial role in its success. Although your intentions may be right, but if your body signals a negative tone, then the whole meeting can fall apart.

Remember, consciously or sub-consciously, the other person’s mind is also picking up the signals which your body is broadcasting, and even if you want to avoid it, you can’t help it – impressions would be made based on how you move your hands or shake your head.

Here are 7 rules of body language, which every entrepreneur should be aware of:

Don’t shake or move while talking

If you are moving to and fro and/or shaking during the conversation, then it will suggest to the other person that you are nervous; and there goes your strategic impact. Stay still while talking, and even if the words you speak doesn’t make sense, the other person will get that you are serious.

Sit a bit forward to show seriousness

If you are leaning backwards and conversing, then it will give signal that you are relaxing and you are not serious. If you want that the other person takes your words seriously, and understands that you are talking business, then sit a bit forward and show that you are serious and interested in the talk.

Don’t fold your hands while talking

Folding your hands means that you are defensive, and protecting yourself from the other person. It signals unfriendliness, and is generally a negative flag. The other person may become unsettled, and the true conversation can’t happen. You can place your hands on the knees if you have a habit of folding hands while talking with another person.

Stop playing with your hairs or cracking your knuckles while talking

There are some people who have this habit of playing with their hairs or cracking their knuckles while conversing with the other person. Such activities distract the other person, and he/she may not be 100% expressive or honest with you.

Don’t put your hands in your pockets while talking

Some young folks have this habit of putting their hands inside their jeans or pants pocket while talking. If you are going for an interview, then never do that. This signifies that you are a person who can’t manage his life; is generally messy and confused.

Use a Prop to be less nervous

It may happen that you are going to meet a really powerful entrepreneur, and your presentation holds much importance. It is natural that you will become nervous. Psychologists have stated that using a prop such as pen or a notebook can take away the nervousness in the initial phase. An accessory such as ring or chain can also work as a prop. But as soon as you become confident, you can stop using the prop, and give the signal that now, you have quit being nervous. The other person’s mind will pick these subtle signals, and make you appear stronger.

Don’t stare consistently, It may look unnatural

Yes, you should lock eyes while talking as it signifies truth, confidence and honesty. But staring too long into the other person’s eyes may make him uncomfortable as it will make you look too intense and unnatural. Remember, our goal here is not to show how intense and powerful you are, but to persuade, influence the other person, and make business happen. You can’t do business with a person who scares you. Hence, look at the other person’s eyes for a moment, while making your point, then remove the gaze, look left or right, and then when the appropriate moment comes, again look straight into the eyes. The objective is to make a harmony, a team work with the other person, without scaring or intimidating him.

Do share your own secret of body language which helps you every time and assists you to succeed, by commenting right here.

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