SBI’s ‘Chota ATM’ Costing $8 Coming To Every Nook & Corner Of India


SBI, in collaboration with Ezetap has announced the launch of ‘Chota ATM’, which can literally transform the mechanism of payments and ATM withdrawals all over the country.

Chota ATM’, which translates of ‘Little ATM’, enables kirana store owners, Taxi drivers, small businessmen, traders & virtually everyone who is dealing with customers in real time to own a Point of Sale (PoS) terminal by spending as low as Rs 499 (one time security deposit) along with a fees of Rs 150 / month and a commission of Rs 5 on every cash-back transaction.

The merchants and traders who wish to use Chota ATM need to open a zero-balance account with SBI, and then use this system via Android or Windows based mobile phone or tablet. This PoS can then be used to accept payments via Debit/Credit card and used to withdraw cash as well, just like any ATM may perform. On every cash transaction (wherein the end-user withdraws cash, just like ATM), the PoS owner will get Rs 5 as commission fees.

Now, which service ‘offer’ you money to help out strangers?

The Need

If we leave aside urban India, and focus on rural India, then we will find that the service of ATMs is horrible to say the least. Typically, a person needs to travel atleast 15-20 kms to locate an ATM, and withdraw cash. Even then, it’s not 100% assured to work, as maybe that ATM is not filled with cash or its not working. In such situations, the person needs to again travel, far and wide to locate another ATM or bank branch and the cycle continues.

In case every kirana store owner or local merchants choose this new service by SBI, then the end user will simply need to visit their next door kirana store/merchant and withdraw cash. On this transaction, the owner of ‘Chota ATM’ will gain Rs 5, and everyone is on the winning side.

Additionally, the PoS can be used as a payment receiving tool as well, thereby simplifying the process of making payments while shopping.

One more reason Government has actually approved this platform in the first place is rural banking system. In order to successfully use this system, kirana store owners and other merchants/traders need to have a bank account, and they are required to put their money into these bank accounts. Chota ATM can be termed as a double-edged sword as well, if we take into consideration this aspect.

The Procedure

Sanjay Swamy, Managing partner of AngelPrime (which incubated Ezetap), has explained in detail how the process works on this platform:

Chota ATM1

Chota ATM2

Chota ATM3[3]

As of now, RBI has placed a limit of Rs 1000 for withdrawal, but based on the response, the limit would be increased to Rs 5000 very soon.

Earlier, in the month of June, we had reported that SBI has teamed up with Ezetap Solutions to roll our India’s largest mobile PoS platform, with a target of 500,000 such PoS all over the country in the next 5 years.

The successful implementation of this project has just started, and from the initial look of it, it seems that it can literally transform the whole mechanism of payments and cash withdrawals all over India. The secret, of course, lies in mass adaption of this new platform.

Do you think that ‘Chota ATM’ will help rural India to adapt banking system and put their money in bank accounts?

Will you use such a service to withdraw cash? Do share your opinions by commenting right here!

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    I am interested in this mini ATM business. Please let me know about what is the investment & income

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