Feeling Down? How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive


Remember your high school classwork, the first page, nothing less than a wonder and as you flip to the last pages, you know your handwriting is as legible as the doctor’s prescription! That’s just how life goes by, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. As you trudge along leading your team by motivating them by praising, raising the pay slab, sharing a light moment to appreciate them, somewhere deep within, you can feel your own self-motivation retiring gradually! But you only chose to became an entrepreneur so that your last page in life is beautifully written, isn’t it?

Feeling Down

Keeping that Entrepreneurial spirit alive is almost as tough as not wanting to give up yet. If you lose sight, you’ll never reach the shore. Some spirit dampeners that tear the entrepreneur’s spirit are when you hear yourself say

“Closing the sale takes so much time and I don’t even know if I’ll get the contract”

Especially if you’re a start up company, things take their own sweet time. How much ever you try to fuel your brand, it still has a dampening effect on people. The 2 most important pills to be gulped are of belief and the patience to bear that belief.

The classic example is Colonol Sanders. His chicken recipe was turned down 1009 times. Doesn’t mean you’ll succeed the 1010th time, each innovation never goes unrecognized, it just takes time.

“I’m not sure about the outcome. I hope the product clicks”

Nothing really miraculous happens on the first try or first year of business. You can’t get it right all the time. A product/service clicks when your aspirations for your product match the expectations of the users. Sometimes, you give a product your heart and soul and you have high hopes for it. And most of the times, without fail, it’s this product that flops. We still don’t have the formulae to calculate the ingredients that spell out success for a product. So the best thing to do is to keep your values intact and slightly change certain things to please the people.

Richard Branson never strayed away from his policy of “Innovate, no matter what”. His Virgin Records clicked and his Virgin Mobile flopped.

“Things get monotonous and draggy half way through the project, the motivation fades away and I can’t go on.”

Someone rightly said, “People often say motivation doesn’t last long. Well neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily” You’re not the only one to feel demotivated, everybody does. But nevertheless, winners still do the task.

Treasure some inspirational video or audio clips, write down you’re the outcome if you do it. If you’re pestered by “I don’t feel like doing it” syndrome, the best advice is to ignore it and just do the task.

I’m not really finding a product that clicks while my rival is hosting a product X success party”

Sometimes you have to evaluate your product/services and look for flaws to rectify. It’s all about innovation; people go for the better product durability, very less care about the price if the product is worth it. Study your rival’s product but never make the mistake of copying it. When you start looking for a way to better your product, believe me you’ll find it. Don’t innovate for sales maximization, innovate to bring about a product that’s finest and one of it’s kind. People will take notice.

The trick is to stick around and never quit.

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