Windows 9 Launching on Sept 30th. What Should You Expect


We are close to launch of next version of Windows Operating System and next in line if Windows 9. While Microsoft has not officially announced it as yet, it seems that Techcrunch has got a confirmation.

The announcement is expected to happen on September 30th during a Microsoft event happening in San Francisco. It is expected that Microsoft will release a technical preview of Windows 9. Rumours are afloat that the version is currently codenamed “Threshold”

Windows 9

The current version, Windows 8, which was released in 2012 has had mixed reviews from users, while many have liked it, some of them were very unhappy about Microsoft doing away with traditional program menu and replacing it with aggressively touch-focused Metro tiled user Interface. On the other hand, Windows 8 has been universally hailed to be a faster and better OS as compared to Windows 7, which was very buggy and resource hungry.

Coming back to Windows 9 – there have been many rumours and leaks in regards to same over past few weeks. It seems that new version of this popular OS will partially do away Metro styled UI and will have a mini start menu button and charms bar. The biggest change seems to be that plain desktop with program icons as they used to be in previous generations of Windows.

In last few days there have been number of leaks showing how Window 9 may look – From what we can say they seem to be quite genuine. A Dutch blog seems to have got hold of the Windows 9 preview version and has posted number of videos and screenshots of upcoming Windows 9. Here are 3 videos that will give you a clear idea of how Windows 9 may look.

From what we can say Windows 9 seems to have taken a middle path between the traditional Windows look and Windows 8 Metro UI. It seems many elements of Windows 8 have been tightly integrated in the menu and launch bar.

Windows 8 was a major UI overhaul, which did no go down too well with users. With Windows 9, Microsoft  seem to have restored back some elements from previous versions to bring back those users.

See the videos and let us know what you think about new Windows 9!


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