How SpotNSave Safety Band Can Rescue You Faster Than The SOS App You Just Downloaded


Flicking through the newspaper not to find a rape, abduction, robbery or killing is almost as rare as winning the lottery! Day after day, even the obstinate optimist is turned into a forced pessimist. The scenes of crime that appear in the news seem like scenes enacted from a movie and the thought that it can happen to you or your loved ones, is sure to destroy your peace of mind.But fret not, SpotNSave band and pendants are here!

There are many security/SOS apps that are circulating in the market as of today, but SpotNSave stands out from the rest. So what makes SpotNSave different from others?


The SpotNSave band is a smart wristband that is allergy and water proof that has a Bluetooth device embedded in it which connects it to your smartphone. One can download the free SpotNSave app for android smart phones. You can then select 5 guardian angels who you’d want to inform in case of any emergency.

“The problem with just an SOS app is that if someone grabs you, or if something happens to you, would you actually go through the trouble to find your phone, unlock it and then trigger the SOS button?” questions Mr. Chirag Jagtiani, founder and CEO of SpotNSave. Take a minute to ponder on the question, and conclusion remains that it’s almost impossible to reach for the phone, unlock it and then activate your SOS app.

So all you need to do when you head out, is to long press the button on the safety band to activate the functioning of the device. When in trouble, you just need to tap twice on the button, on the count of 5, the device will alert your 5 guardian angels.

The device will send the location details every 2 minutes to the emergency contacts until the SOS is stopped by the user manually. The safety band will also alert the guardian about the user’s low battery.

Another big advantage is that SpotNSave safety band can be paired with any smartphone unlike Sony’s Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear which need to be paired with their respective smartphones. Also each of these devices cost a bomb.

Check this video to know more about SpotnSave:

A concerned Chirag says, “My target customers are women, senior citizens and the visually impaired. Just recently I learned that there is a big market for autistic people. A doctor bought 30 safety bands for his autistic patients. At this point I am trying to bring this safety device to India, Africa and Brazil. My target audience is the middle class and lower middle class in emerging countries.” Considering the abuses against women and the elderly, SpotNSave safety band is literally a life saver. Priced at $45 (around Rs. 3000), the device is slightly on the expensive side, but a life saver in many situations.

Recalling his experience in 2005, when a friend was wrongly abducted and tortured spurred him to create a device that can come in handy in distress. SpotNSave is the only brand in the world to have come up with such a unique device which is a wearable bluetooth activated device.

At a time when the atrocities towards women, elderly and children are just newsfeeds that are forgotten the next day, SpotNSace safety band and pendant are the need of the hour. “What I have done is keeping all of these scenarios in mind” signs off a proud Jagtiani.

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