Xiaomi’s Latest Flash Sale Lasts 0.4 Seconds More Than Previous One


Xiaomi has created a new standard for online phones sale . Despite making a tedious procedure of registration, Mi3 is getting the unprecedented love of the people. The company has launched the phone in batches and each batch has not lasted more than a few seconds. The reviews of the phone have been decent and this has led to a continuing demand of the phone. There was a slight scare of the company in regards to unauthorized access to personal data but the company cleared that one immediately and as of now, Xiaomi has nothing stopping them.

MI3 Sales

The most interesting fact here is that Xiaomi is still not providing enough stocks in India. With the registration process in place, they should have expected the demand and yet the third sale had only 15,000 handsets. This time around (12th August), the number increased to 20000, which is barely any increase, especially, if we compare this to the number of registrations – 150,000. This means that they expected only 1 in 9 people registered to actually buy the phone. The figure was way of mark!

The company is going to continue its weekly sales with the next one on 19th August. The registrations for the same are open on Flipkart now. Hopefully, the number of handsets will have a better ratio than before and the sale will last more than a few seconds for its fifth batch. With the demand not reducing for the phone, we can expect that it will be months before a person can buy the phone without feeling like he is booking a tatkal ticket through IRCTC.

With the success of Motorola and Xiaomi in India, one thing is clear though. The Indian market has completely changed for the lower and middle end of the phones. Some time back I had bought a Samsung Galaxy Core for my father and I just got him Moto G recently. It is difficult to believe how different the two phones are in performance. The price point of both the phones is same with Moto G now a little cheaper.

Xiaomi on the other hand has brought high end specs to the middle end and it will force companies like Samsung to bring down the prices or face extinction. Samsung has already lost its position in China to Xiaomi and even in India, Micromax has taken lead in the mobile section.

This disruption will increase further with the coming Asus Zenphone 5 giving users the option of three phones that are more value for money than any phone from the brands.

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