Govt Joins Forces With Tata, Flipkart, Raymond & GIPCL To Encourage Entrepreneurship


In a unique public-private partnership platform ever developed in the country, Government of India has joined forced with Tata Group, Flipkart, Raymond and Gujarat Industrial Power Company Ltd (GIPCL) to empower youth and encourage entrepreneurship.

Labour Ministry had invited proposals from corporate India to develop a strategy to train our youths with better skills and expertise which actually meets the industry standard. As a result of this, Labour Ministry has signed 4 ‘flexible’ MoUs with these four companies. The announcement was made at an event organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

CII Govt of India

Labour Secretary Gauri Kumar said during the event, “The challenge before India is how to forge a winning partnership. How do we come together for mutual benefits.”

In a combined statement issued by Labour Ministry and CII, it was shared that government is looking for corporate and established businesses to volunteer and develop a ‘last-mile employability module’ which empowers the youth of our nation to be ready for the industry.

As per the initial draft of the MoUs, Tata Group, Flipkart, Raymonds and GIPCL will develop and brainstorm courses for the Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) which are spread all over the country. Each of these companies has been assigned specific responsibilities.

Tata Sons have been appointed as ‘knowledge partners’ for the Labour Ministry, wherein they will share their best knowledge and experience to promote employability and entrepreneurship among Indian youth

Flipkart will focus on the development and enrichment of artisans who take courses at ITI. Their program has been named as “Flipkart Karigaar Ke Dwaar”, wherein they will share real-time market data and analysis to make our artisans self-sufficient and capable to market their products. This can certainly prove to be a huge help for artisans and small/micro entrepreneurs who are economically backwards. This MoU was signed between deputy director general DGET RL Singh and Joy Bandekar, president at Flipkart.

Raymond will focus on textile and exports niche, as they will design special programs and packages to spread knowledge of ‘customized garment manufacturing’ for budding entrepreneurs in India.

GIPCL, which is a public limited company under Govt. of Gujarat has gone one step further and adapted two ITI which are based in tribal regions in Gujarat. As per the initial draft, they will teach two specific courses over there: Instrument Mechanic (Power Plant) and Electrician (Power Plant).

Such public-private partnership to nurture and develop skills among the youth is certainly a big leap for the nation. We hope that more such programs are developed and more corporate volunteer to share their expertise so that India certainly becomes the ‘talent hub’ of the world!

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