Indian Twitter Users Come Up With Modi’s Dream Cabinet


The recently concluded Lok Sabha elections is historical is several ways. Not only it was the longest election ever organized, it was the world’s biggest as well. More than 30,000 crore of rupees were spent on this extravaganza, which clearly highlighted who is the first choice as of now.

Narendra Modi led BJP captured 282 seats, making them the first party since 1984 to achieve 100% mandate from the Indian citizens. Social media, since last few months is going crazy on the debate of governance, and right now, it has reached its climax. On May 26th, Indian Government’s new cabinet would be declared, and speculations are quite intense, as to which leaders would get which ministries.

For those who are uninitiated, The Cabinet of India is a collective decision making body of the Government of India. It consists of the Prime Minister and 35 cabinet ministers, who would hold the ultimate authority on any decision related to the governance. This system is based on the Westminster system of government.

A social media monitoring firm: Simplify360, a leading Indian Social Media analytics firm, decided to find out the dream cabinet based on Social Media Chatter. They conducted a unique “Social Media Buzz” Analysis, and shared their interesting findings.

Between May 16th and May 19th, they collected more than 4000 tweets which contained the hashtag #Dreamcabinet. They filtered the data by omitting jokes, comments, questions and other such irrelevant signals, and focused only on those tweets, which actually gave a clear vote.

As per their data, Arun Jaitley is the most preferred person to head Finance Ministry. He received 74% vote share, and his nearest rival is Subramaniam Swamy, with 14% vote. Interestingly, he is the top choice for two other ministries as well, and he had lost the elections. But due to his stature and his qualifications, he will have a major role to play in the next government.

Finance Ministry

General VK Singh, who set a new record of win margin from Ghaziabad, is the unanimous choice for being Defense Minister. Whooping 52% vote share is dedicated for him. Social media is pretty excited about him!

Sushma Swaraj is their most favorite Home Minister. Amit Shah has received 21% vote, and Rajnath Singh is preferred by 20%. “Others” constitute maximum 35%. It seems there is no clear mandate. Sushma is winning, just by numbers.

Home Ministry

Interestingly, for Foreign Ministry, Arun Jaitley receives 47% votes, while Sushma Swaraj receives 45% votes. Narendra Modi has to do some brain storming for this position.

For Law Ministry, once again Arun Jaitley is the first choice with 66% votes. Ravi Shanker Prasad is at distant 2nd position with 13%.

Media is abuzz with this guess game, as there have been several dream cabinets being formed by different communities, TV channels and even bloggers.

One thing is sure: the youth of India, which comprises the majority share of social media users in India, are very optimistic and hopeful from the new Government. It would be really interesting to see the actual cabinet on May 26th.

You can check out full findings of Simplify360 research in this presentation

Have you created your own dream cabinet? Please share it right here!

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