XS Powercard, A Smartphone Charging Card That Fits In Your Wallet


Next time your smartphone is whining about low battery, just take out your wallet to do something about it. Xyra a Mumbai based startup is planning to take portable charging solution a step forward.

Packing in all the much needed portable smartphone charger features inside a card that can be carried in a wallet is indeed a need of the day. Smartphones currently are just extensions of us which we use almost depend on often fails to assist because of battery.

India the fastest growing market where WiFi zones are still a hard find, power uses have to rely strongly on 3G which is notoriously known as a battery killer. With an extra full battery (most top smartphones batteries range between 1560mAh to 2800mAh) of 2200mAh, I will certainly feel more comfortable walking out.

Xyra has developed a smartphone charge card called “XS Powercard”that is built to fit in your wallet without making it more thick. Xyra also packs in a data storage and inbuilt charging/data cable so you do not need to carry an extra cable. Although Xyra is not the first one with all these features, it’s the only one that packs it all together in a tiny card and then some.

Xyra Smart Charing  Card

Phone first charging is something that sets it apart from the competition. So if you are charging your phone and chargecard (simultaneously) using the charge card’s inbuilt cable from an external power source, the phone is charged first and then the excess battery storage. This is practically necessary in situations where you get a short while to charge the phone before hitting the road again. You can still charge the chargecard first by disconnecting the phone from it. Chargecard also has two charging modes fast and standard to choose from.

There are mini USB and lightning connector variants and 8/16/32GB data storage choices and the price starts at USD 34, roughly INR 2000 (and an extra USD 10 for shipping outside India) which is very competitive. Chargecard comes in multiple colors. The chargecard has a capacity to hold a charge equivalent to 2200mAh. The device has a standby time of 150 days.

Check out this video that explains more about this charge card:

The product is conceptualized by the trio Sahej Sethi, Armaan Gandhi and Arzan Irani. The company is currently running a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for a goal of $50,000 to meet the expenses for produce the minimum number of charge cards for the optimized production cost. While crowdfunding is still a relatively new for India, it still remains as a great option for bootstrapping indie projects.

I can relate closely to the statement that “the next best thing is SMALL”, and have already booked my Xyra XS powercard.

What about you? Share your thoughts on this nifty little gadget.

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  2. John Jacobsen says

    This IS AWESOME. Wish it was in stores already. Much better and well thought out than others. Cool idea.

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