79% of IT Administrators Wish To Quit Their Job Due To Work Pressure


An American Software company conducts survey exclusively for IT Administrators. While conducting their latest survey for 2014, a shocking truth has been revealed: 79% of IT Admins want to quit their jobs owning to work related pressure!

GSI Software, which offers Team Viewer among other software products, is based in US having branches in Europe as well. They conduct their annual “IT Admin Stress Survey” with the assistance of Opinion Matters, a market research firm. This blind, independent survey was conducted among 200+ US based IT companies having staff strength of 10 or more people. Despite precarious job condition in US and high unemployment rate, 79 out of 100 IT Admins admitted that due to increased job pressure within their domains, they are considering leaving their job.

Last year, in the same survey, 57% of IT Admins had expressed their displeasure of job.

Computer Frustration

Management Issues

36% of the respondents claimed that management is their biggest headache in carrying out their job smoothly. 34% responded that lack of budget and staff members is the cause of their discomfort, thereby blaming the management indirectly.

Long Working Hours; No Extra Pay

23% of the respondents said that they would work between 8 to 12 hours extra every week due to pending work load, and they would not get any extra pay for this. On an average, IT Admin surveyed revealed that they work 8.5 hours extra every week.

Which Companies Are Worst?

The survey revealed that the IT Admins of organizations have 250-500 staff has the largest probability of leaving job. 83% of IT Admins in such companies claimed that they are about to quit their job due to high level of stress and strain. On the same hand, IT Admins of organizations having 500+ staff are the most content, with only 60% of them dissatisfied with their jobs. For the companies having staff member between 10 and 49, IT admins are actually looking to change their job profile.

This clearly shows that the IT Admins of big companies (500+ staff) are almost satisfied with their jobs as there is no issue of lack of staff and resources. And mid scale companies are the one which have maximum load with minimum IT staff.

Hilarious Complaints received by IT Staff

The respondents shared some of the most hilarious IT related issues lodged by their employees:

  • ” I asked a user to open Windows – they took it literally”
  • “Having to repair and replace damaged machines because users keep hitting them”
  • “A user jacked up his car and used his company laptop as a wheel support. It did not work”
  • “User complained there was a ghost in her PC when IT staff remote connected to it to resolve an issue”

And for the third year running, the most funny IT complain which the IT Admins received:

User complained they could not print/computer was not working, but failed to notice that the printer/computer in question wasn’t even switched on

You can get some more interesting findings from the research right here.

If you are an IT Admin, working in India, then how far this survey results resonate with your work and your internal struggles?

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