App Virality Handpicked for Startup Asia Singapore 2014 Arena


If you are an app developer or an entrepreneur in the app market, you can certainly relate to the growth challenge. Apps are out in abundance and it is really to stand out in this cacophony, let alone be viral. AppVirality an app marketing startup aims to solve that gap.

The startup allows apps to provide giveaways, offers to customers to induce virality, integrate the experience with social media, identify and engage influencers, A/B testing and lots more.

Startup Asia 2014

The seed stage startup, AppVirality was co-founded by Laxman and Ramakoteswar Rao Papineni who have also cofounded an incentive based blogging startup. The startup has been a part of the Microsoft Ventures and TLabs incubator programs and also had a seed funding of $20,000 from Times Internet group.

In a recent development, the startup has been handpicked for the Startup Asia Singapore 2014 to compete against nine more startups from Asian countries. The other participants are:


StudyPact (Japan)

If you are going to study and get wagers as well this app is a reward based app that pays you wagers for time spent on other education apps.

Kairos Watches (Korea)

A smart watch that is for men who loves to be look smart and also enjoy the finer things in life.

Haystakt (Singapore)

A crowdfunding site that actually sets the price of the product based on the number of backers.

Bindo (Hong Kong)

A POS solution for small businesses that covers the software, hardware and cloud all in one package.

Facerecog (Singapore)

A tool that might revolutionize the offline ad banner industry. The app uses cameras on ad banners to track how many people are actually watching the banner and feed the data into Google Analytics.

Astroscale (Japan/Singapore)

A startup that aims to build sweeper satellites that will collect debris in geocentric orbits that often pose problems for the orbiting satellites.

MergePay (Thailand)

The “Mint for business” allows keeping the cashflow of business in track. OCR helps digitise bills with phone app and also has a desktop dashboard.

Asli Goli (Pakistan)

The startup is a SMS validation service for medicine which will help users to check the validity of their medicine with an SMS.

Propertify (Singapore)

The inventory management for real estate agents. Agents can update multiple property listing portals with a single app on their phone.

The competition dates are yet to be disclosed, we will report more on it, once further details are available.

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