Flippypad Offers Glimpse Of What To Expect From Project Ara


To all those who do not know, Project Ara is a Google dream of making mobile phones modular. If it comes to reality in which it has been envisioned it would give us a $50-$100 basic framework which is affordable and then a user can add the bells and whistles as per his need to the phone making it anything from a Moto G to Galaxy S5.

Project Ara

In its basic form, it would have a skeleton with WiFi, a small battery and blocks where modules can be inserted (probably hot-swappable). Everything from processor to the camera can be changed or improved for a better model. This means two prominent things:

1. No need to change the phone every year (or other year). Simply change the module that you feel needs upgrade, be it a better RAM or a better Camera.

2. It gives the hardware manufacturers the freedom that was given to app makers by the big screen.

Before iPhone, the screen estate was limited and buttons hindrance. The apps were developed keeping that in mind. However, the touchscreen changed the way we interacted with the device. Project Ara aims to do something similar with the hardware.

Imagine taking an extra battery for your phone on a long trip while letting it be when not needed. Going on a Safari, take out everything from your phone except a huge lens, a huge memory card and a huge battery. Do not like that your phone doesn’t have a memory slot or a 2GB RAM, well, just buy it and add it. Finally you can afford an HD screen. Yay! Time for changing the screen, not the phone.

There are some limitations like the phone size. Google is therefore bringing the phone in multiple sizes to cater all users. With a phone that wants to be in everyone’s hand, it was a must.

The designers have already taken out their charts and started to use their imagination for bringing out uses of this phone. Gaming as always stays ahead of the pack.

Designer Samuel Herb has come up with a design that aims to bring Nintendo DS like gaming experience to your phone. Called Flippypad, this controller turns your phone into a clamshell device with gaming controls. What separates this from a device like Sony PS phone is that the controller is detachable and comes into play only when you need it. Else, keep it anywhere you want. It is a perfect accessory!


Come to think of it, Project Ara will simply make every module an accessory. Some will be necessary and other will be optional but at the end you can buy a Samsung battery, Sony screen and HTC speaker set all in a case having an LG battery.

Honestly, it seems too good to come to reality so easily. However, we have to wait only until January 2015 to get the first results (it is expected to launch then).

Do you feel excited about it?


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  1. Corey says

    Will there be a 4-inch version(or smaller) or will we be forced to pick from 5+ Inch models? If no small model, NO BUY and will fail this and very few options are not given.

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