Now, Dell Warns Against Buying From; No Mention of Flipkart


Dell becomes the latest manufacturer to come out with an official warning given to consumers for buying Dell products from Snapdeal. Over last 12 months Lenovo, Toshiba and Netgear have come out with similar warnings.

Interestingly, while other manufacturers have warned against Snapdeal as well as Flipkart, this warning from Dell is in regards to Snapdeal only. What it may also mean is Dell does not have any issues if consumers buy Dell products from Flipkart.

The warning from Dell shows up on multiple product pages and here is what it says.

  • is not a Dell authorized reseller and is not authorized to make any representation for and on behalf of Dell products, benefits and entitlements.
  • Dell products purchased from / on shall be entirely at your own risk , cost and consequences.
  • Dell may not honor any representations, benefits, entitlements made on Dell products by /or

Dell Warning

In short, Dell will not provide any warranty or after sales support for any Dell products bought from

Dell also suggests its consumers that they should buy genuine & factory sealed Dell computers from their authorized online partner only.

Why Are Product Manufacturers Doing It?

It’s simple – to save offline retailers…

In last couple of years or so, online shopping grown to such an extent that offline retailers are now severely affected by them. Their sales are down as consumers prefer to buy products online, thanks to excellent deals offered by the likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon.

Obviously, hundreds are offline retailers and channel partners are revolting back stating that they cannot match the prices offered by these online retailers.

In addition to this, these channel partners double up service agents. So, consumers are buying the products online, but approach these offline retailers/channel partners when it comes to warranty servicing.

So, offline retailers are suffering from both sides; They are not making any money due to lack of new product sales and at the same time they have to service the products which does not garner them any profits.


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