Biotech Powered Device Can Charge Your Mobile Phone In 30 Seconds


The next battleground of innovation in technology is batteries. Any electronic gadget needs power to run itself, and batteries carry that power. We have seen some spell-binding innovations and advancement in hardware & software aspects of gadgets, (better memory, faster device, sharp images etc) but very few innovations in battery power.

Few months back it was being debated whether larger smartphone battery is the new answer to this problem? Debates and talks about improving battery capabilities of gadgets is going on, without much progress.

But now, an Israel based startup: has introduced a new device which can fully charge a smartphone in 30 seconds.

Store Dot battery charger

Here is the live video demonstration:

As per initial reports, this startup has already received $6.25 million funding from companies such as Samsung.

This device was inaugurated at Microsoft Think Next event in Tel Aviv this week. Interestingly, this device came out after researchers were working on Alzheimer’s disease at Tel Aviv University. That research found out more about peptides (amino acids) that are now being put to work in StoreDot’s bio-organic battery.

The technology behind this device is based on Quantum Dot; which is a nanocrystal made of semi-conductors materials.

StoreDot’s CEO and founder Dr Doron Myersdorf said, “When the self-assembly process of these molecules can be managed, we can create nano-crystals,” says Myersdorf, discussing how the technology works. ”We were able to take the same peptides that participate in biological processes in our body and to create nano-crystals — these are stable, robust spheres.”

Explaining the structure of these nanodots, he said, “The diameter of these sphere is 2.1 nanometer. Very, very tiny. And these can be used, because they have special properties and they are robust, in a semi-conductor device or in a battery or in a display. We are talking about new type of materials that can be introduced into different types of devices.”

It is being speculated that a working prototype would be released in the market by 2016. There are two main challenges which are being faced right now: a) How to shrink the size of the device so that it can be easily embedded with any smartphone and b) How to bring it’s cost down.

The next two to three years would be really interesting as once fully commercially developed, this device and the technology used can literally transform the electronics industry.

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