Dendroid Virus Can Hijack & Cause Destruction Of Your Android Phones: CERT Warning


CERT-In’s latest warning is regarding a dangerous Android centric virus called ‘Dendroid’ which can totally hijack Android smartphones and play with its data and features.

This deadly virus belongs to the ‘Trojan’ family, which is notorious for it’s dangerous intentions.

The Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) said in its latest advisory to all Android phone users in the country, “It has been reported that a malicious toolkit called DENDROID is being used to create trojanised applications that infects Android-based smartphones. The malware is created by modifying the required permissions by any clean APK (Android Application Package) with Dendroid RAT functionality that allows detailed management of the infected devices,”


The hackers who are behind the creation of this virus are certainly street smart as they have named this virus Dendroid, which resembles to the actual operating system: Android. Ignorant and non-suspecting users can download this app assuming it to be safe and something related to Android, thereby compromising the security and functionality of their smart phones.

As per the warning issued by CERT-In, this virus can command and control servers, edit and delete call logs, open random web pages which can also include malware affected pages, dial any random number, record the calls and transmit them all across the web , intercept SMSes and record them, upload images and video to remote location; download unauthorized applications (even paid ones) and more. In short, it can completely hijack your smartphone and wreak havoc within your personal smartphone.

The virus was first detected by Symantec as they published their research in a blog post earlier this month. As per their research, “Dendroid is a HTTP RAT that is marketed as being transparent to the user and firmware interface, having a sophisticated PHP panel, and an application APK binder package.”.

As per underground forums populated by hackers, a seller named as “Soccer” is selling this virus for a price of $300, and is offering several unique services like 24/7 support and payment acceptance by Bitcoins. Such in-depth and professional service by a hacker for selling viruses have never been seen before. Anti Virus Company Symantec was first to discover Dendroid.

Last month, CERT-In had warned Android Kitkat and Facebook users regarding security hacks on their mobiles. And within 30 days, this is the second such warning coming from India’s premier cyber security and investigation cell.

In this latest warning, CERT has categorically stated that usage of unsecured & unprotected Wi-Fi is the primary cause of it’s spread. Additionally, do not open messages and mails from unknown senders and never ever download files on your mobile directly.

Note: Here is a list of mobile apps which you can download to secure your Android phone from hacking and infection from such dangerous viruses. Some of these apps are free and some of them are paid. Although we haven’t tested each and every security app highlighted here, but they are coming in from reputed companies and have been shared by reputed publications.

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