Pinterest Launches Hindi Version For Indian Users


Pinterest, one of the most popular social sharing sites in the world has now launched Hindi language version, where users can share their “pins” in Hindi. Pinterest is now available in 24 different languages including Hindi.

Pinterest Hindi Launch

If you are new to Pinterest, it is slightly different from other social networking sites in sense that users (or pinners) essentially pin their content to share it with others. it could be termed as a virtual board to pin things up based on a category. Users can have public boards, private boards or even secret board.

In the announcement mail sent out to Indian users today, Pinterest mentioned that users from India will now be able to create, search and share their Pins in Hindi.

Indian Users will need to make slight changes in their profile settings to activate Hindi language. In the settings, tab just choose “hindi” as the preferred language.

Pinterest Hindi settings

Pinterest’s Popularity

Pinterest is very popular across the globe and is now the fourth most popular social networking site in the world after Facebook, Twitter and Linked.

Interestingly though, Pinterest has not been able to get the same amount of traction in India, as it is in case of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

India has second highest user base when it comes to Facebook or Linkedin. On Twitter, India has second most active users in the world. But in case of Pinterest, India does not even figure in Top 5 countries in terms of traffic or user base.

Pinterest Userbase by Country


As you can see from the graph above, India languishes at 10th most popular country by users for Pinterest, a very different scenario compared to any other social networking platform.

This probably is the reason why Pinterest launched the hindi version, to attract millions of Indian who are on the internet, but are not comfortable with English language.

Give it a try and let us know what you feel!

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