Google Now Brings Cricket Cards For IPL, World T20


If you own an Android phone, you know very well know “Google Now”, the personal assistant app from Google, that lets you know everything from Weather updates to finding directions to your favorite food joint to Flight status updates.

Google Now is adding yet another category that will make millions of Cricket Fans across the world quite pleased – Cricket Cards.

Google Now’s Cricket cards are going to be tremendously useful to a cricket fanatic, as they will not not have to go to any sites, or keep refreshing scorecard webpages or install extra app on their mobile.

All the updates related to their favorite cricket team will directly be pushed on to their phones. Either a news update or score card updates in case your favourite team is playing.

How Do Google Cricket Cards Work

It’s quite simple – Just go to Google now, and click on the “magic wand” icon. You will get various options, including one that will say “Sports Team”.

Google Now Cricket Cards

Click on it and search for your favourite cricket or IPL team. Like you see in the screenshots above – I have added “Indian Cricket Team”, so it will enable me to get updates when India cricket matches are going on during World Cup T20 tournament that will soon be starting.

If you have a favourite IPL team, just search the name and add it to the cards. Previously Google Now had cards for NBL, NFL and Football teams among others. Now, national cricket and IPL teams have also been added.

Will this affect traffic to Live Cricket Scorecard Websites?

Of course it will – Android users will not need to visit other cricket websites anymore. They can now get everything on their mobile phones without really doing anything.

Do give it a try and let us know what you think!

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  2. Divya says

    This is good but I prefer for cricket updates. This is accessible on my android phone as well as keeps me hooked on to cricket when i am at work.

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