Jet Airways Brings Flight Updates With Google Now Integration!


Google Now, if you are not aware, is nifty little personal assistant on Android that can be extremely useful to users, especially those who travel frequently. It is intelligent enough to understand your whereabouts (using GPS) and offer suggestions or it can let you know about your appointments and meetings (by accessing your connected gmail account).

It also gives you information on weather forecasts, stock market updates among many other things. In short, it is a utility on your Android phone that will deliver the information you care about, without you having to search for it.

Jet Airway Google Now Integration

Jet Airways, India’s premier airliner has now integrated Google Now into it’s booking system for people who book flights on and their mobile apps. Google Now will automatically let them know about relevant updates in regards to their travel through Google Now flight cards.

So, for example, If you have booked a flight from Delhi to Bangalore on Jet Airways, Google Now will let you know about flight timings, provides flight status and information about the departure / arrival time. If the flight is delayed or the status changes, the latest information will be reflected in the Google Now card via Google Search.

It will also show you weather of Bangalore, and the traffic situation. If you have mentioned a Bangalore address (either in your connected email account or on phone) where you need to go for the meeting, it will tell you the best routes to avoid traffic snarls to that address.

Users can control the settings and determine the information that Google Now provides.

Jet Airways has become the first Indian Airline to have seamless Google Now integration for their flight bookings. This feature is available via the Google Search app for iOS devices, and is built into Android 4.1+ devices, as part of the Google Search App.

There is no doubt that travelers will find this feature quite useful, especially because they do not need to look for any information rather Google now will seamlessly push all relevant information, without them having to do anything.

If you are flying Jet Airways anytime soon, do let us know what your experience has been with Google Now!

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