Bihar Beats Beijing As World’s Longest Free WiFi Zone Opens In Patna


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has unveiled world’s longest stretch of free Wi-Fi zone in Patna, which is the capital of Bihar. If you are travelling from Patna to Danapur, then between NIT-Patna on Ashok Rajpath to Danapur you can get absolutely free Wi-Fi connectivity. This 20 Kms stretch is the longest free Wi-Fi zone, anywhere in the world.

Patna To Danapur-001

Recently, Bangalore became the first city in India to have free Wi-Fi zones. Named “Namma WiFi”, free Wi-Fi is available at MG Road, Brigade Road, CMH Road, and around the bus stations of Yeshwantpur, Koramangala and Shanthinagar.

Narendra Modi has promised that Ahmedabad will also have its own free Wi-Fi zones so has Delhi government assured us of this luxury. Before this, China’s 3.5 Kms long Wi-Fi zone was considered the longest but Patna has now overtaken this achievement.

This immensely useful service was unveiled during eBihar summit where CM Nitish Kumar also inaugurated ‘Dial 100’ and ‘City Surveillance’ services wherein hundreds of CCTV cameras would be installed all over the city for better safety and security. A dedicated data center has been opened as well, which will store the data captured by these CCTVs all over the city. During the event, Nasscom president R Chandrashekhar and Beltron MD Atul Sinha were also present.

The Government of Bihar has introduced the ‘Dial 100’ and ‘City Surveillance’ in a bid to make Patna crime-free. In a first of its kind, this project will enable CCTVs to capture vehicle numbers and person’s identity instantly, which would be shared all over the network to nab any criminal. Every vehicle entering or exiting the city would be monitored this way.

Bihar is one of the backward states of India, where economic development has not picked up as compared to other developed states such as Maharashtra and Karnataka. Though the state is rich in natural resources and human talent (maximum number of IAS officers are from Bihar), somehow the development which have happened, is missing.

By inaugurating this Wi-Fi zone of 20 Kms in Patna and the excellent City Surveillance and Dial 100 projects, CM Nitish Kumar is now forcing everyone to take notice of the new Bihar.

What are your views on this development? Will it help Bihar in IT development and progress? Do share your views by commenting right here.

  1. Yusuf Rahmani says

    I m really really happy bcoz Patna has world longest Wi-Fi zone I live in Patna market and it is b/w route so I enjoy free Wi-Fi

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  4. Vikramaditya singh says

    there is no like or online information on how and where to get registered for free wifi in patna..
    is this all to be extremely happy and excited about… bull shit…

    1. Mohul Ghosh says

      Dear Vikramaditya,

      I really hope that you are able to use Free WiFi in Patna. And apologize for any inconvenience..

      If you are somewhere between NIT-Patna on Ashok Rajpath and Danapur, and carrying a smartphone, then you will automatically receive the WFi reception (if your GPRS is ON).

      Follow the instructions and use WiFi to access Internet.

      Please note that Wifi works only for a certain area.. if you are somewhere else in Patna, then you cant access WiFi. Here is more information:

      And in case you are in that area, and still not getting WiFi, then its an issue with the local deployment.. and technical problem.. Please contact the system administrator or department of telecom for further assistance.

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  6. nagendar kumar says

    i am very happy that i live at patna because longest world wifi zone in patna bihar

  7. Anna says

    That is a huge step towards progress for the country. Very inspiring indeed. Thanks for sharing the update!

  8. Ashu says

    Haha, this was sure….
    Engineer ko chief minister banaoge to ye to hoga hi…..
    Abhi Aage aage dekho hota hai kya…
    Bihar is getting back its glory after thousands of years….
    proud to be bihari…

  9. Ajit Prasad says

    Totally agreed with you my friend.

  10. Anand Singh says

    I am very much proud of Bihar and hats off to Nitish Kumar. Atleast he is the first Chief minister who is keeping the pace with speeding technological development and kept the Bihar on top by bring this longest wifi free zone. We are bound to see more advancement of Bihar in his leadership. Congrats.

  11. Shalu Sharma says

    I am seeing lots of changes in Bihar. Many business have gone there for investment. I am seeing lots of good changes and I am not surprised of the opening of the longest wifi zone.

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