Bangalore Based HackerEarth Makes It To SeedStars World Finals


Seedstars World is aimed towards small businesses in the growing economies across the world. The companies compete on a national level to finally get shortlisted for the final event that takes place in Geneva, Switzerland. The prize up for grabs is a whopping amount of

$500,000 (Over Rs 3 Cr) and the coveted title of “Best Startup in the World”. The regional events are conducted via the regional partners, Microsoft Venture, for India.

Startups with existing product in market, a capital less than half a million US dollars in capital and is less than two years as operational period are eligible to compete for this competition. The available product for the startup needs to be such that can fit in other global markets as well.

Last year, Seedstars had over 1000 applicants and the count has improved this year. The finalists that have competed and cleared the regional events and have been chosen for the finals in Geneva. Bangalore Based HackerEarth made it to the finals of this prestigious startup event.

SeedStars HackerEarth

Here is the line-up:

If you are a coder or an employer looking for one, you should know about HackerEarth, a platform that organizes coding challenges for 12 programming languages that includes C, C++, Java , Python, and Ruby.

Recruiters can choose the tests based on their requirements and it needs no technical skills making it easier for them to recruit. The participating coders now code to solve the challenges and the winners get recruited.

The company has a prospective list of heavyweight clients which includes Citrix, InMobi, Hindustan Times, Pearson, CareerNet, Web Engage and many more. Their model resembles a little to InterviewStreet which is a part of Y Combinator accelerator programme.

Apart from Hacker Earth, the other two startups that ranked in the regional event are Twaang, a mobile music streaming service, The Art Renter, that allows renting original work of art of all values. Stay tuned for the results that comes out after the competing startups pitch their products to the international jury. We’ll update as the results are here.

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