Top 10 Most Creative & Engaging TV Advertisements of 2013


Indian TV Advertisements

Indian advertisement industry created ripples across the sphere in the year 2013, as it produced some of the most amazing and creative advertisements. The goal of any advertisement is to get subtle attention from the viewer, and to create a brand of the company.

We have compiled a list of Top 10 Television commercials that in our opinion were not only engaging, but also left a lasting effect on consumers.

1. Google Reunion Ad

This advertisement touched a raw nerve among us all. Anyone who watched this Google advertisement for the first time must have felt their eyes moist and heart racing with emotions. Google created a master-piece advertisement which has received more than 10 million views on Youtube as of now.

2. Tanishq Wedding Ad

When this advertisement hit the media, everyone was stunned. No one had attempted to touch the tender issue of re-marriage; and this advertisement broke all shackles of this mindset. Set in the contemporary India, this ad highlights and celebrates re-marriage like no other brand has ever done. Hats off to the creators..

3. ICICI Prudential Insurance Ad

The tagline, “Bande Ache Hain” was deeply moving and inspirational for the modern man. On one hand it shows that those men who take care of their responsibilities are noble, and on the other hand, it inspires those who have not thought about security and insurance aspect. Both men and women loved this creative advertisement.

4. Parle Monaco Ad

Another awesome creative advertisement, which had a social angle attached. So many times, vendors and auto-drivers try to sneak in a currency note which is in bad shape, saying that its ok, it will work. But when we try to give them the same, they refuse to accept. The creators of this ad took notice of this situation, and produced a funny and creative advertisement.

5. Cadbury Bournvita Ad:

When I first saw this advertisement from Bournvita, the thing which struck me most was the intensity through which they were trying to showcase the “equality” and “fair game” for a girl who wants to learn boxing. The mother tries to inspire her by giving her the best education and training; and not the usual advice of reservation! Brilliant creative ad.

6. Center Fruit Ad:

Another brilliant comic advertisement, from the makers of Center Fruit chewing gum. The South Indian restaurant owner is hiring the best waiter who can announce the dishes in the most creative manner. And center fruit chewing gum is the savior.

7. Tata DoCoMo Open Up Ad

This advertisement from Tata DoCoMo features a bunch of young kids dancing to Bollywood hit number, and the expression and the carelessness of these dances amuse you. Choose the brand, and just open up.

8. KitKat Dancing Kids Ad:

Another ad featuring cute children and their antics. This cute ad from Kitkat became one of the favorites of children from all over the country!

9. Philips Widescreen TV Ad:

Two lovers are running towards each other: a typical Bollywood romance scene.. But instead of hugging, they are tired in between and they quit their meetup. And they are tired because Philips have introduced such a wide screen TV. Amazing creativeness!

10. The Hindu Behave Yourself Ad:

Ok, this is not exactly a 2013 ad, it was released sometime late in 2012, however, we love it so much that we have included it in our list. Other ads released by Hindu were equally impressive.

If a teacher asks all students to become Member of Parliament for a day, then how should they act and behave? This stunning advertisement from The Hindu made us think really hard: Are these politicians really our choice? Kudos to the creator!

So, those are our Top 10 TV advertisements for 2013. Surely, we may have missed some good ones, do share your favourite ones, and if we find them good we will surely add them to the list!



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