Buy A Car Online: Nissan Follows The Online Route After Skoda & Mercedes


Such is the impact of ecommerce in India that even automobile companies don’t want to be left out. Nissan has just revealed that from now on, netizens can order a Nissan car online and the car would be delivered to us directly.

In a statement released by the company, it mentioned that, “Customers will be able to book their cars by making payments through an online gateway by credit card. The car will then be delivered to the customer by their nearest Nissan dealership when ready.”

Nissan Online

Although when I tried to book a car online via their official website, I just found the form through which we can submit the request to test drive. Maybe they are working on the platform, and full functionality is yet to be released.

Interestingly, the news gains credibility because Nissan has listed themselves on the GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival) site, which means, they surely have something coming up soon on their

Nissan India, which is a subsidiary of Renault Nissan Automotive India Ltd, is doing good business in India. It recently sold its 300,000th car from Chennai facility which started production 3 years back. The popular Duster model from Renault is also produced from the same facility. Buoyed by this success in India, they are now looking to expand to online channels as well, as Indians are slowly opening up to eCommerce, and are relatively comfortable buying things online.

Renault, a French automobile company, has collaborated with Nissan, which is a Japanese automobile company to work together and distribute their respective vehicles all over the world. Technology and the engineering of both of these companies remain their exclusive rights.

Who Else Is Selling Cars Online in India?

Skoda was probably the first automobile company to launch its online sales channel inside India. They announced the opening of online sale medium in the year 2009, when they collaborated with to sell their units online.

Recently, Mercedes Benz also announced that they will sell their cars online! Although serious Merc lovers would get a shock on hearing this news, but buyers can order A-Class and CLS sedans, the B-Class hatchback and the CLS Shooting Brake wagon via online channel. They have also included lease, insurance and maintenance in this online deal.

Previously, Tata had announced that they will sell their Nano via online channels as well. But their website doesn’t show any option to buy their cars via online mode. Although they have partnered with eBay and selling accessories, clothes and scale models, online.

Will you buy a car online? Does this idea of selecting, and paying for a car via credit card seems exciting or it will die a natural death as Indians prefer to ‘look-and-feel’ big purchases especially a car? Please share your valuable feedback right here!

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