Indian Google Adsense Publishers To Get EFT Payments Dec Onwards!


Google Adsense, the advertising platform on which thousands of web publishers rely for monetizing their web content may soon start Electronic Funds Transfer payments for Indian publishers.

This is big news for web publishers based in India, as till now, AdSense used to pay only via cheques, which not only took long time for publishers to receive their payments, but was fraught with issues like non-delivery of cheques due to courier partner issues.

Even under normal circumstances, the cheques arrive nearly 2 to 3 weeks later than what they are supposed to. For example, the earnings made by publisher in month of September are released by end of October and then it additional two to three weeks to reach publishers. With EFT in place, the payments would be done in not more than 2 days after earnings are finalized.

Though Google has not announced this officially, a thread on Google product forums clearly points to the fact that they are testing EFT payments for India based publishers. The thread was started by a user “Om Software” to protest the delay in delivering the Adsense payment checks in India. Here is the reply from authorized representative under the username “Adsense Pro Payments.”

@Mishrakolkata: I’m certainly hoping that we’ll be able to start making this option available before the end of the year.  We’re very eager to get electronic payments available in India, and we’re working to make this available as quickly as possible.

In the same thread, which is quite long, “Adsense pro payments” mentions multiple times that they are hopeful of bringing the EFT payments by the end of year. Here is the screenshot of replies.

Adsense pro payments forum thread

The thread clearly points to the fact that bringing EFT payments in India is one of the their top priorities, and that they are in the process of testing the payment integration.

The google product forum thread was initiated around October 10th and the reply on October 22nd clearly points to the fact that they are in the finishing stages of testing their EFT payments in India.

I am sure this will bring smiles on thousands of Adsense publishers in India!

[Source: Google Product Forums Thread, Via: Webtrickz  @NoobDeveloper]

  1. Ramakrishna says

    Thank for sharing

  2. Pavan says

    It has already started but the thing is that it is WIRE transfer. I need to know lot of details regarding that. going to contact brank tomorrow.

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  4. ashvin says

    Now official announcement by Google Google AdSense will be Start EFT Payment from Sunday, 16 March, 06:00 (AM) IST.

  5. Janmejai says

    That’s great,Otherwise in my city first Bluedart creates problem i have to contact them every time to get my cheque delivered after that the banks(Still my August Earning cheque means which was delivered to me in october) hasn’t been cashed,already have complained twice to the bank, even after clear Guidelines from RBI, here SBI takes 20 days minimum but this time they have crossed the limits almost 35 days.

  6. Chetan Bhasin says

    This is going to be a great addition to what Adsense has to offer Indian publishers.

  7. Arun Rana says

    Waiting for this from a long time …

  8. Abhijit Guha says

    That’s an awesome news for INDIAN publisher, thanks for sharing it Arun

  9. Priyanka says

    That’s a really good news. The cheque is generally received after a month of issue. EFT will definitely be a faster medium to get the money. Don’t know why Google didn’t introduce this method earlier.

  10. Vivek says

    Wow! Thanks for news will share across…

  11. Shivam says

    Received mails from them and it was like whoaa … just got saved. Bluedart really sucks!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      You received mails from whom? Adsense? about this?

  12. Arup Ghosh says

    It will be very good feature for me if I got approved by adsense.

  13. Chriag Swadia says

    This is really great! Now the waiting time will decrease for India Adsense publishers. :)

  14. Orjiakor says

    This will be very good if it is really true.

  15. Gagan Masoun says

    Thank God. Finally they give us EFT Payments option. By cheque I am receiving my payments after 1 month.

  16. Mayur says

    Hi Arun,

    I think you missed crediting my site for this news. Please give the due credit.

    1. Varun says

      Yeah, you posted it yesterday :)

  17. Namit kapoor says

    It will be a big beneficial thing for all Adsense publishers.Payment will be received very frequent from now….

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