ZTE To Launch 4G Handsets In India; Targets Rs 4800 Crore Revenue


If you are still considering whether 3G would be good for your mobile or not, then please stand aside and give some room for others; 4G has almost arrived and it is soon going to change the telecommunication industry, globally.

ZTE Corporation, which is world’s fourth largest mobile manufacturer and world’s fifth largest telecom equipments manufacturer (as per 2012 sales data) is all set to unleash 4G mobile phones in India, and is very bullish on this bet. They are targeting a revenue of Rs 4800 crore from Indian market by end of 2014.


As of October, 2013, ZTE has already generated revenues close to Rs 2400 crore, and for the last three months of the year, it is expecting revenues of Rs 600 crore more, taking total 2013 revenues to Rs 3000 crore, which is just 5% of its overall revenues.

ZTE sells its Grand, Blade and Flash models in India, which runs on Android platform, and have been fairly successful due to its low price range and satisfactory features which are luring low budget consumers. They have already set aside a budget of Rs 60 crore for sales and marketing of these 4G handsets next year.

And they have decided that their next destination is 4G handsets, demand of which is surely going to boom in the coming months. ZTE already has captured 90% of 4G devices market in India as they provide high-end data cards, modems and other telecommunication devices.

As per a recent study, it has been estimated that by 2017, out of 8 billion, around 1 billion mobile connections would be under 4G-LTE network, all over the world. Currently, there are 176 million 4G enabled mobiles globally, supported by 465 4G networks across 128 countries.

In India, Airtel is the first and only telecom company to launch 4G network, and the services are available currently in Bengaluru, Pune, Chandigarh and Kolkata, offering download speed upto 100 MBPS. The 4G services of Airtel is partially supported by the Qualcomm’s 4G network which Airtel acquired in October.

As per Amit Saxena, Marketing Director of Terminal Business, ZTE, they are in talks with 3 to 4 operators for collaborating with them and launching 4G handsets. It is speculated that next year, biggies such as Reliance, Idea and Vodafone will launch their own 4G network, and when that happens, they will require support of 4G handsets. And ZTE perfectly fits into the picture as they are the most experienced manufacturer of 4G devices.

2014 certainly looks promising for the telecom industry in India. Are you excited about 4G network and its amazing speed? Will you choose ZTE when it comes to 4G? Please share your views right here!

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  1. Sanjay says

    Its high time our govt gives incentives for setting up of R&D and manufacturing of telecom equipment. These chinese equipment makers are going to be threat to national security. The reason whey we are forced to allow them here is because of lack of indingenious equipments. Hope the govt wakes up to this and do something about it

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