Say “Ok Google” On Desktop And Search With Voice Using New Chrome Extension


The way Google is making its search platform stronger day by day, I am sure a time will come when the search results will directly enter our minds!

In a latest round of innovation, Google has introduced a new Chrome extension, which will let Chrome users to do voice search by saying “Ok Google”. It uses the same feature seen in the new Moto X and Nexus 5 Android phones which has been extended to Desktop.

Say Ok Google

How it works?

After installing this Chrome extension,

Step 1: Go to on your Chrome browser and say “Ok Google”

Step 2: Say the term which you want to search, like “What is 2 plus 2?”

Step 3: See your search results appear magically in front of you.

Once the extension has been installed, you can see a symbol on the Google search bar, which will have two forms:


When the symbol is “Listening for “Ok Google”” then you can say “Ok Google” and start your search. After 5 minutes of inactivity, it automatically goes back to “Not Listening for “Ok Google”” to save battery and power.

As per the official notification regarding Google Search Hotword Extension, this will work only in US as of now, but will be slowly rolled out all over within few days. Interestingly, there has been no update regarding this new extension on Chrome’s official blog.

But Google Voice Search Has Been There For Ages?

Yes, you are right. Google Voice Search was launched in 2011, first for Android phones, and then for iOS and slowly rolled out for Chrome users. But in order to do voice search, we were required to first click on the ‘microphone’ icon which was there on the Google search bar, and then start the voice search.

But with this new Chrome extension, even that requirement has been taken care of. Imagine you are cooking and both of your hands are submerged inside hot chocolate. And suddenly you need to search a recipe of chocolate cake (you could have taken a printout before starting, but that is another issue); how will you search?

Here comes “Ok Google” usability. Just say “Ok Google” and start your voice search instantly.

Google Is very Serious About Chrome

In the last few months, Google has introduced several new features and extensions for Chrome users.

Few weeks back, they had silently launched a new feature, using which you can test out an extension without installing it. Google is also trying to bundle Google Wallet with Chrome as an in-app payment method is being launched which will smooth out the online payment process.

An app launcher for Chrome users has also been launched, which will help to sort out all applications used by a typical Internet user.

It would be interesting to observe how this new Google extension for Voice Search will entice Chrome users, and help them gain subscribers.

But for time being, “Ok Google” sounds perfectly fine.

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