Google Launches Google Partners In India; Lead Generation For Web Professionals & Agencies


Google has today announced global launch of Google Partners, including India, a platform that helps Web professionals and agencies to get more business online.

Google Partners could termed as an online marketplace, where professionals offering various online services like website design & development, Search marketing etc can list their services and small businesses can find them when they need any kind services to create their online presence.

Over last couple of years, it has been a constant endeavor of Google to bring small businesses online. Couple of years back, they had launched an initiative called “Get your business online”, where they offered free website and domain name to small Indian businesses. Even earlier this year, they came up with a “Cup of Coffee” campaign for same purpose.

These campaigns from Google have definitely helped in getting thousands of Indian small businesses online, however, once they create they create presence, they need to continuously keep improving their web presence by adding new features and content.

This is where Google Partners comes into picture.

Google Partners

How Google Partners Helps Web Professionals & Agencies

Google Partners replaces their Google Certification Program, and Google Engage for Agencies by taking the best they had to offer and adding a new suite of powerful resources  in a new and simple interface. All the partners listed on the platform need to go through stringent online tests created by Google to ensure that quality of partners is up to the mark.

Once they pass the test, they are listed on the site as “Google Partner”. Being listed on the platform means more credibility and generation of more business leads. Along with it, partners also get adwords offers from time to time for their client campaigns.

If you want to be a Google Partner, visit here.

How Google Partners Helps Small Businesses

Small Businesses in need to any online services can visit Google Partners. Here Google shows listing of agencies offering various services based on their geographical location and services they offer. It becomes a one stop destination for small businesses to find authentic service providers that Google trusts!

Our Take

As with any other service, Google has launched this platform to increase their advertising revenue. Though, many businesses have come online, very few still utilize Google Adwords for advertising. With Google partners, they aim to create more awareness about it through Google certified professionals and agencies.

Google understands that India will be one of their biggest advertising markets for them in the future, and they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure they are ready to grab it when the time is right!

What do you think?

  1. Rachel Gupta says

    Sir , u must add a new section wherin dere is information on latest successful and unsuccessful startups are covered ,dere business model , and also dere shud be one startup covered everyday , it will help improve our entreprenour skills

  2. Raju P says

    Are you kidding me? Google partner program is there for ages! New marketing gimmick from Google, huh,. But Trakin should not post these boring news :(

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      No…Earlier they had certification program which is not part of Google Partners. Earlier, Google did not give “Google Partner” badge like the one they give now… Yes, they had parts of it already, but now they have made it all under one Google partner program.

      Yeah, for some it may be boring, but we thought it may be useful for quite a few…

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