OfficeChat: The New Private Messenger Mobile App For Your Business!


Mixing work and pleasure can prove to be disastrous sometimes, as I discovered last month. I had asked my boss for a leave in the middle of a week, as my ‘aunt was not well and needed immediate medical attention’. Things were going on fine, until evening, when my boss received a picture of mine partying hard inside a disc. He was added to my ‘Share a Pic’ group in WhatsApp, and while sharing the picture, I completely forgot that.

Problems of the technological world…

The more we use instant messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Line, it is becomes extremely tough to avoid such crucial and sometimes grave mistakes. Segregating your friends, family and colleagues inside a messenger app is the most pressing issue right now, and thankfully, we have a solution here: Office Chat.


Imagine an instant messenger, which can only be used by your office colleagues (and your boss). You can share documents, images, videos, save chat history for ever, get delivery notifications and more all within the same ecosystem. Once you are out of office, simply turn off the messenger, and you are off-the-hook.

If I had used such an app that day, when I was partying hard, my boss couldn’t have known that I was making an excuse. Segregation & Security is are the keywords here, and Office Chat does that perfectly.

Three brilliant features of this mobile app, which I observed while using it:

Secured Sign-in: While signing up for Office Chat, you are required to enter your company’s email address. This means that no outsider can get access to your virtual world, and in case a colleague of yours resigns, his account will also get deactivated as the associated email will expire.

More security, more safety and better filtering.

Off-the-record Chat Mode: While working on a project or while gossiping about a client, there comes several instances when you don’t want the conversation to be recorded and the chat history to remain existent. It’s kind of whispering mode, when the secrets are being disclosed. While using Office Chat, you can select this ‘Off the record” mode, which will not save your chat history, and you can be assured that your secrets would remain secret. I simply loved this feature.

Documents Collaboration: Uploading and sharing documents becomes super easy with this new app, as it understands the precise requirements of a typical office worker. I can instantly share any document with my office colleague, all within the same walls of the office. In a way, Office Chat combines the features of WhatsApp and Dropbox into one!

Although there are some notable brands in this niche such as Yammer, Jumvo (Japanese instant messenger) etc, OfficeChat has a fresh and new look which is being appreciated by those who are using it. The features are no doubt good, and design and UI is innovative.

Another good aspect is that Office Chat is currently available on 3 mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows platform; which will make its adaptability super easy.

What needs to be seen is how many people will be ready to use yet another separate chat & messaging application, with people already having multiples of them on their smartphones already! Probably we now need an aggregator of Mobile Chat IMs.

Do you feel that privacy and security can be breached by using general chat application such as WhatsApp and Line? Do share your views by commenting right here.

  1. Rahul Nair says

    I am not sure if this would solve any real problem, apart from the fact that you can easily share documents and media and it would get stored forever, and that you could have an incognito version for chat in office.

    Apart from this, our managers will still, unfortunately for us, be a part of some personal groups on commonly used chat messengers which would in turn continue providing us with awkward moments :)

    But from a chat messenger for work perspective, I think its cool.

  2. Vipin Thomas says

    LOL!! Liked the way you started off the article :)

    1. Mohul says

      Thanks Vipin :) Keep reading for more !

  3. ved bias says

    in this application how to add contacts and how to creat teams , it is not mentioned any time neither it is taking any Sync

    1. Mohul says

      Did it work now Ved? When I used that, it synched perfectly with the existing contacts..

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