Indians LOVE Their Jobs, So Much That 18% Will Do It For Free!


Surveys throw up interesting results. Sometimes, so amazing, that you might actually doubt the authenticity of the one who has undertaken it. But when one of the world’s largest research company GfK joins hands with Monster Worldwide, Inc., a global leader in job opportunities and throws up some exciting facts and figures, you are bound to believe them.

Unbelievable as it may seem, reading this research report actually throws up light and bursts some of the myths we have been harboring since ages – regarding job satisfaction.

Globally, the survey had 8,000 respondents and showed that over half of Indian workers (55%) love or like their jobs a lot – placing India third in international happiness rankings, behind Canada (64%) and the Netherlands (57%). At the other end of the happiness spectrum, US respondents are the most likely to feel negatively about their jobs, with 15% giving their jobs a big thumbs down. This is followed by UK (12%), Germany (10%), France (9%), Canada and the Netherlands (both at 7%).

Love Jobs Hate Jobs

The international survey polled workers in Canada, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands, the UK and the US, asked the question “Which of the following best describes how much you love your current job?”

The following responses were received in India – Nearly 1/5th of the total surveyed (18%) responded that they love the job so much that they would do it for free!

Another 37% said they like their job, but it could have been better and 33% said they like it for time being. However, only a small percentage (5%) of those who surveyed responded that they didn’t like it or they could do better. Around 8% chose not to answer.

What is interesting to note is that there was absolutely NOT EVEN 1% of respondents who said that their work was a necessary evil and they hated it – globally, India had the lowest percentage of all countries surveyed.

The research findings were arrived based on data collected using multiple modes, including telephone and online methods to maximize participation. The total sample size for this study is 1,016.

How Young employees responded?

The research revealed that India’s younger workers are most likely to be happy at work, with almost three quarters (72%) of workers aged 18 – 24 reporting that they like or love their jobs. However, while those who have entered the world of work in the last few years may be happy, it seems the further Indians progress in their careers the less satisfied they become.

The research reveals an inverse correlation between age and happiness at work, with the number of workers content with their jobs falling to just a third (36%) for those aged 50 – 64.

Money and happiness at work?

The survey also looked at the split in happiness at work by income, revealing it is medium level earners, rather than those with huge salaries, who are happiest at work. Three in five (60%) of those on middle incomes say they like or love their job, compared to just over half (52%) of high earners. Lowest earners are the least content; with less than half (47%) saying they are happy at work.

Bottom Line

There are many variables to job satisfaction – and the size of your pay check is only one aspect. It’s positive to see that so many workers enjoy their jobs regardless of salary, but there are still a third who like their jobs only ‘well enough for now’. No matter of what those workers’ priorities are – being challenged, feeling valued or indeed making more money – it’s important for anyone who does not feel fulfilled at work to remain vigilant about finding better.

Do these findings show ground reality?

I personally feel that a sample size of 1000 is not at all enough nor justifies the huge Indian workforce. It is plain commonsense – if Indians loved their jobs so much, how come job portals like Naukri and Monster survive and do roaring business? Or have the times changed and the youth have started loving their jobs a lot? What do you say?

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