Snapdeal Lists Playstation 4 For Pre-Orders, Dec Shipping


With the launch of 8th generation gaming consoles this year, Sony and Microsoft are getting ready for another gaming war. The scenario has changed a lot since last time when mobile gaming was almost non-existent and Nintendo had changed the gaming platform yet again.

The competition this time is fiercer as the success of these two devices might decide the direction the two companies take for their console gaming departments.

Despite the fact that XBOX One has launched at a higher price point with $499 as compared to $399, it is PS4 that has some powerful specifications. As far as I see the people who have been the fan of the Playstation series will have no qualms buying the next generation console.

That being the case for US. In India however, Snapdeal is the first company that has launched the preorder page for PS4. The price that is on the chart is Rs. 40000, which is very steep compared to its price in US or even Europe. The options for EMI are present of course.

Sony Playstation 4

While the page says that they are awaiting confirmation for the actual launch date it is being speculated that it can be as near as December. This means a few people can get it before New year, probably as their Christmas gift.

While the price point might seem higher comparing to what is being offered in US, it should be remembered that PS3 was also launched at the same price point initially and there are few reasons for it.

First is the dollar exchange rate. PS4 is imported and like everything that is imported, it is being affected by the falling of the Rupee.

Sony has no choice but to pass on the fall to the customer and while they might be able to sell it a little lower (Rs. 35000) at the current Rupee rate, they might want to take precaution in case the Rupee falls even further.

Second is that XBOX One is not launching anytime soon and thus Sony can take advantage of the situation. When XBOX One launches, the price for PS4 is sure to tumble. This also means that waiting would be a better option right now.

Also of note is that the PS4 games will be costlier than the PS3 ones. Most PS4 games will break the Rs. 4000 barrier where PS3 had most games in the Rs. 2500-3500 range.

Besides Snapdeal, Game4U has also been offering the console on preorder.

So, will you be one of the first few to order PS4? I am going play the waiting game!

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