Mumbai Has 3 Times More Active Internet Users Compared to Bangalore!


If you look at Internet penetration through-out India, it is abysmally low. Infact, most of the Indian villages will not even know what Internet is. However, scenario is very different when it comes to large metros and A cities in India, where internet usage is catching up fast.

According to recently release report by Internet and Mobile Association of Indian (IAMAI), overall, the the top 4 metros have a 37% penetration of Active Internet Users.

City-Wise Internet Users

Though Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India, it only has the 6th highest number of active internet users in India at 3.8 million. On the other hand India’s financial capital Mumbai has nearly 3 times mores with 12 million active internet users.Internet Users in India City-wise

In last one year alone, Mumbai has added 3.7 million new internet users. There is no doubt that mobile internet is playing a crucial role in the growth of internet usage across various cities.

In terms of growth, Kolkata has registered the highest growth of internet users among all the top cities in India with 47% more internet users than last year. Mumbai with 45% y-o-y growth is second while Bangalore with a growth 43% y-o-y is third. Pune, with a growth of 37% is fourth while Delhi with a y-o-y growth of 35% is fifth.

Mobile Internet Leading the Charge

If you take a look at the telecom reports that we publish monthly on, you will know that broadband growth has been dismal. By end of September, the total broadband subscriber base was only 15.36 million. Most of the internet usage is now coming from mobile. With 3G rates falling further, mobile internet usage is only going to increase further.

statcounter mobile vs desktop stats

If you look at this statcounter graph shown above, you can clearly see that desktop internet usage is dropping, while mobile internet is growing at good pace.

  1. prakash.n says

    Where can i get internet users company wise customer base for Bangalore

  2. Raju P. says

    Hey Arun.. A long time fan of your blog. One suggestion: please stop posting these boring posts.. every 2 weeks you update the shit: how many subscribers in which city!

    Are baba, post in 6 months na!!

    Just my little advice.. :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Haha.. Raju,

      We do telecom subscriber post every month…and internet subscriber post once in probably 6 months.. It is not always possible to publish posts for individual likings.. I am sure you know that…
      Guess you will need just filter out the ones which you don’t like :)

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