Explainer Videos: Why Your Online Business Should Have It


Well, time was when you set up a business and did a little marketing and that was enough…then came the internet and the .com boom and suddenly there were websites all around. The .com bubble burst but the websites stayed put…and multiplied and grew in numbers, till we have reached a state where ANY self-respecting business has to have a website.

These websites have not stayed static either, they’ve moved with the times and evolved. Most recent in this evolution have been the Explainer videos that seem to be sprouting all over the net.

But is this just a crush or a life-long relationship? Are the Explainer videos just a trend or are they here to stay?

To answer these questions better let us look at why Explainer videos are needed and how are they useful?

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1# Retain Visitors:

A recent research says, “Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors” [source]

Yes, visitors stay two whole minutes longer on the website if it has a video. That’s two minutes more to sell your product and in the world of internet that’s an aeon! You’d better use those two minutes to convince the visitor! And if it is convincing you need to do, there is no better tool that an Explainer video, which brings us to the next point

2# Attract Attention:

Beautiful, colorful, videos with well-crafted words and apt sounds are a treat to watch. Videos appeal to both the audio and the visual senses, making it very easy to get the message across.

Ice.com found that viewers who chose to view video converted at a 400% increase over those who did not. Naturally, it goes without saying that the more different and appealing the video, the more memorable will it be.

Animated Explainers can come in handy as the medium is flexible and really conducive to innovations.

3# Simplifies Complex Concepts:

Good Explainers go a long way in simplifying complex matters. Reading text, then converting it into a simpler form so that you understand and retain the message is just too much work. And the typical customer doesn’t have the patience for it. Explainers reduce the burden by streamlining the message and entertaining the customer, enabling a better understanding.

4# Saves Time:

This point follows directly from the last point. Explainer videos take long-winded text and convert it into bite-sized capsules so that viewers don’t have to waste time understanding the key message and benefits.

5# Makes Boring FUN:

This is where the good Explainers stand out from all other videos. The best Explainers also entertain which is very important. You may have the best of products but if your viewers get bored just hearing about it, no way are they going to get converted. You need to seduce them into loving your message. And humor sells like hotcakes in this sphere.

6# Touches Sentiments

Even when Explainers aren’t humorous, they’re always human-centric and so they connect very well with the audience. You have to tug at the heartstrings if you want to create a relationship with the viewer and an audio-visual film does a great job of this.

Now that it’s established that Explainer videos can add life and can prove crucial to your marketing let us get back to the first question.

Are Explainers here to stay?

Err…Only time will tell for sure but we can make an educated guess. The way things are going, the quantity of text would most likely decrease on the websites to be replaced by Explainer videos.

We will surely see an increase in Explainers, till they become a must have for all websites. However, as technology changes, it is possible that Explainer videos will themselves evolve and have a wider role to play than we can currently see. Maybe they’ll become interactive…maybe they’ll club with live help…who knows?

There are limitless possibilities but I can say this for sure: as far as the websites themselves go, marrying them to Explainers would be a rather wise step, because ready or not, Explainers are here for the long haul and your customers are going to expect it.

Some Examples Of Great Explainer Videos




[box type=”shadow” ]About Author: UdhayaKrishna is a Co-Founder & Creative Director at mypromovideos.com. He is an entrepreneur, a designer and bit of an animator. He loves minimalistic design.[/box]

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