Airtel & Reliance To Bring iPhone 5S & 5C In India on Nov 1


Airtel, India’s largest telecom operator, today announced that it will offer recently launched iPhone 5S and colorful iPhone 5C in India on November 1st, 2013. This news comes at the back of Apple’s announcement that it will be launching iPhone 5S and 5C in India on same date.

The press release sent to us did not offer any details about the pricing at which these phones will be launched. However, it did mention that pre-registrations have started and interested customers customers can visit select Airtel Retail Store to book these phones.


Along with Airtel, Reliance Communication will also start offering both these iPhones to customers starting Nov 1st.

Though there is no confirmation on pricing, the 16GB iPhone 5S is expected to be priced at Rs. 54,000, which the colorful iPhone 5C will come at Rs. 42,000.

These prices are roughly 20 percent higher to what contract-free unlocked phones are available in the US. Contract free iPhone 5C 16GB is priced at USD 549 (approx Rs. 33,800) and iPhone 5S 16GB is priced at USD 649 (approx Rs. 40,000). In comparison to these phones, the 16GB iPhone 5 is currently available in India for Rs. 45,000.

As far as specification comparison between these phones go, the 5C model is very close to iPhone 5, except with plastic body and vibrant colors. On the other hand, iPhone 5S comes with an upgraded 64 bit processor, which is one of the fastest in the market today.

Personally, I think, aura that Apple carried previously is missing this time around. Android phones are now comparable to iPhones in terms of speed as well as the UI. Not only that, customers can choose from literally 100s of Android phones that start as low as Rs. 5000 all the way upto 50,000!

On a side note, Android will be unveiling their much talked about Kitkat version in next 24 hours. It seems lot of UI improvements are coming with this update of Android!

What do you think? Will you go for iPhone 5S or 5C?

  1. chai says

    What’s the incentive for iPhone fanboys to exchange their older models ?

  2. Nikh says

    Too bad they missed out on a great opportunity on the pricing front. Since the prices mentioned in the article are speculations, I sincerely hope they are much lesser. The iPhone 5 debuted for 41,000 (Pune price). Which is basically $649 x 55 (then USD-INR conversion rate) = 35695 INR. So a 5K overcharge, which seems fair when you include import taxes, etc. as well as shipping. So I’m expecting similar pricing for the 5S and the 5C, but certainly not as high as 50K.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      BTW… I can confirm from multiple sources that prices are nearly same.. probably INR 1K plus or minus… but they are very much on the dot..!

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