Amazon Starts Shipping Chromecast To India!


Chromecast, the much sought after streaming device from Google is now available in India through

While Google has still not opened it on Play store for India, Chromecast can be ordered in India through international shipping option on Amazon.

We went through the process or ordering by choosing an Pune, India address and the order went through. Here is the screenshot of the order placed on

Chromecast Shipping to India

Please bear in mind that Chromecast is available through website and not its Indian version Also, you will need to have a credit card to purchase on Amazon, Indian debit cards are not accepted on

The final price at which you can get Chromecast through Amazon is Rs. 3461 at existing INR exchange rate. The final price will differ based on daily fluctuation of currencies. Standard shipping rate is Rs. 620 and import duty levied is Rs. 552.60.

Order value

Though Amazon has just started shipping Chromecast, these devices were already available on various sites including and others. These were essentially imported by vendors from US and then sold it in India at higher rates. On ebay, the lowest price on Chromecast was Rs. 5000/-.

Apart from Amazon, Indians can also directly buy from playstore, but they will need to use a service like shopandship to take care of shipping (and import duties) from US to India. Using this channel, the Chromecast price will end up being the same as that of what Amazon is offering (roughly INR 3.5k).

So, if you have been waiting for this device, head over to Amazon, it is quite a good deal for sure!

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