Olacabs Offers Fare Refunds For Missed Flights Due To Cab Delay!


We recently published a survey which found that majority of Indians prefer customer service over price. Now how do you ensure top-notch customer support? Here is an example…

Olacabs has announced a new service called “Airport Ontime” – This service entitles Olacab customers who are traveling to airport on-time service. If by any chance the flight is missed due to unreasonable delay beyond the agreed pickup time, they will refund the ticket fare upto Rs. 5000.

flight Ticket Refund

This is a very smart and thoughtful announcement by Olacabs, which is sure to give Olacabs lot of positive reviews. While, missed flights due to delay of cabs may be a rare occurrence, it is still always on the back of the mind of a traveler. Such an assurance from Olacab will give travelers that much more peace of mind.

I have traveled by Olacabs only once, and I had quite a decent experience for the first time. But Olacabs has been getting mixed feedback from customers and one of the most frequently talked about negative aspect about Olacab has been delay by cab drivers from pick-up points. Here is one of the recent tweet from a customer who was not too happy with the delay in their service.

Olacabs does not have its own fleet of cars, rather they are aggregator of sorts who have tied up with local city cabs who operate under Olacabs brand. This makes it difficult for Olacab to have complete control over on-time logistics.

With the “Airport On-time” offering, Olacab hopes to quell the notion of Ola cabs being late. Bhavish Aggarwal, Co-founder and CEO, Olacabs said, “The founding vision of Ola is to offer 100% reliable cab service to our customers. With this offer, we have stuck our neck out and are willing to back our words with our wallet. We want Bangaloreans to rest assured that their Ola cab will always be there on time. We have been delivering great travel experience to our customers on the back of our innovative technology infrastructure and extensive driver training. And on top of that this, with our promise of being on time every time, Bangaloreans will not have to look elsewhere for a reliable cab service.”

It seems this service is currently available in Bangalore only and will probably be extended to other cities of operation shortly!

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