Facebook Stats: More Indian Teenage Users On Facebook Than USA!


Facebook’s growth in India over past few years has been staggering to say the least. And given the fact that only about 10 percent of Indians are on the internet, the growth is expected to be even higher in the days to come.

Facebook recently released their quarterly results, and according to them, Facebook now has a total userbase of 1.15 billion users and 819 million of them have used Facebook at least once in a month. Those are staggering numbers by any stretch of imagination.

Will over 180 million users USA still remains the country with highest Facebook user base that too by a fair margin. India has the second largest Facebook user base with 86 million followed by Brazil which has 84 million. Indonesia is 4th with 62 million users followed by Mexico at 50 million users.

Though, India’s Facebook userbase is growing quite fast, they are not expected to catch US anytime soon. One has to keep in mind that total Indian users on internet itself has not even crossed 150 million as of now.

However, in younger age demographics, India seems to have the highest Facebook userbase in the world.

India has more Facebook users between the age of 13 to 19 years. The graphic below provides an interesting comparison of users in US and India by gender and age.

Facebook Users – India Vs USA [By Gender and Age]

Facebook User Demographics

India has 24.2 million teenage Facebook users compared to 23.2 million in the US. When you do a gender comparison, Indian males aged below 30 far outnumber their counterparts in the US.

India has 57.8 million males aged below 30 years on Facebook, compared to 39.2 million in the US. But it is exactly opposite in case of females. There are only 20 million female Facebook users in India compared to 42 million in the US.

Here is a graphic that shows comparison of Facebook users aged above and below 30 years in India and USA.

Facebook Users below & Above 30 years

While we are at it, here are some of the interesting Facebook stats that might amaze you.

  • Total number of Facebook pages – 50 Million
  • Total number of Facebook Apps – 10 Million
  • Total number of Facebook Friend Connections – 150 Billion
  • Average number of Facebook friends per user – 141.5
  • Average daily Facebook likes – 4.5 billion
  • Total Photos uploaded on Facebook till date – 240 Billion
  • Daily photo uploads – 350 million
  • Average time spent by user on Facebook per month – 8.3 hours
  • Total number of Facebook advertisers – 1 million
  • Total number of Facebook promoted posts – 2.5 million

[Editor’s Note: The age and gender comparison numbers have been arrived based on their ad platform “suggested audience base”. The idea of this post was shared by Facebook user – Hemanshu Desai]

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