Zurepro, A Startup That Offers Online Hassle-Free Extended Warranty On Gadgets


We are living in the age where gadgets like smartphones and tablets have become integral part of our daily lives. Infact, with some people the dependency on their gadgets is so much that it borderlines on addiction!

Now imagine a case when that favourite gadget of yours suddenly dies or is in-operable for some or the other reason. You are lucky if you are under manufacturers warranty, but what if you are not? Manufacturers warranty is generally not more than 12 months.

Considering the cost of smartphones and gadgets, you surely want your device functioning properly for more time than the length of the warranty.

Yes, you could go for extended warranty from manufacturer itself, but generally that price is too high. And secondly, not all gadget manufacturers offer extended warranty.

Gadget owner also has an option of getting it repaired from outside, but again, the cost of these one time repairs is too high.

Zurepro, a Mumbai based startup by two IITians tackles this exact problem. They have come up with hassle-free online extended warranty solution that many gadget owners may find quite appealing.


Here is how Zurepro works:

ZurePro provides extended warranties and different coverage plans for all kinds of electronics and gadgets. The length of the coverage offered will depend on the condition of the product.

The also have various plans under Zurepro – For consumers looking out for online repairing solution, they also have an Onsite Repair Support section, especially for iPhones, Smartphones and Laptops.

Another good aspect about Zurepro is that there is no limitation for brands; ZurePro has extended warranty claim plans for every brand available in market.

Zurepro claims to have tied up with number of authorized service centers in multiple cities to repair the product. The coverage or the claim can be only filed if the manufacturer’s warranty comes to end.

The entire process of claiming warranty for the gadget is hassle free and fully online. Zurepro’s main focus is to provide 7 day pick-up and drop service at your door step.

Currently, they cover gadgets like smartphones, laptops, cameras and MP3 players. This will soon extend to LCD and LED televisions as well.

Zurepro is currently in pre-launch beta testing phase and they will have official launch around 15th August.

Our View

We feel that Zurepro is offering a much needed service by today’s  gadget owners. However, a lot will depend on the kind of price tag they put on these extended warranty services. Zurepro’s website also is currently under development and does not give too much information on their pricing structure.

In addition to this, Zurepro also has to make sure that the entire process of buying their warranty services online as well as claims have to be extremely smooth.

There is a need and there is a growing market for it as well. It will all depend on how well Zurepro is able to execute  their plans.

Would love to hear reader’s thought on this!

  1. vishnu says

    This company is fake article….i did not get claim from this company. I think only mymobileinsurance.com is genuine one.I m a software Er. and after too much of research found that Times Global Insurance is the only company which is actually reliable and professional.

  2. nitin sharma says

    This is fake company. And services is also fake. I have complained for my mobile claim from last 6month and all documents are also submitted and processed by me.. But this company till now not returned my amount.. And when I called always say just wait for 3-4day ur money will deposited in your account.. Now I called them and my call was automatically disconnect every time.
    So I request to you guys don’t trust on this company. Because this company has tie up with national insurance and they also called this company response is didn’t get by them..

  3. abhishek raonka says

    this company is totaly fraud. they provide insurance for okne year, but cannot reimburse your claim amount in 8 months also. there customer care executives are also very irresponsible. on the top of that when ever you want to speak to hogher athority, they all are always busy in meetings. they claim in nold letters ” fastest claim process” but rality is totally opposite. so friends do not buy any insurance scheme from zurepro. its my personal request to all of u, based on my personal experience.
    Do not waste your hardearn money for these fraud people.

  4. RCR says

    have you checked out other service providers who are already in the market and available online and offline like Warranty Bazaar, GadgetCops, http://www.eTechies.in ?….while Warranty Bazaar and and GadgetCops are available on Snapdeal, ebay, rediff etc….eTechies Warranty Care packs are available bundled with devices and stand-alone on Flipkart.com…Good choices all for the customers…

  5. abhishek says

    its launching on September end around 25th.

  6. Girish says

    Still waiting for it’s launch. Any updates?

  7. Girish says

    It would be great to have such service, as rightly pointed out by author, the pricing would be the critical factor here and the actual service they deliver in case of device failure or problems.

  8. Sundeep says

    Really looking forward to the launch! It is a much needed service. Hope it’ll come to Pune.

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