Weekly Wrap-up: New Debit Card Rules, Flipkart Delivery & more…


Here is a weekly wrap-up of some of the popular posts that we published on trak.in last week.

Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

To arrest cyber frauds, RBI recently came up with new rules and regulations in regards to Debit and Credit card usage for International transactions. Though safer, the new rules may make it more difficult for buyer to purchase goods from international merchants.

Blackberry Z10, which was launched recently, was sold out in 2 days – With a price tag of upwards Rs. 40,000 that is very hard to believe!

Now this one is a unique case study – A buyer who had ordered a 160 GB iPod from Flipkart instead received 2 stones in the package. And, there is actually no way of knowing who was the actual culprit!

Here are 5 changes that Android bought in the way we do various things in our lives – interesting read for Android users!

According to recent GMAC report, more Indian women are taking GMAT entrance examinations and India has 3rd largest GMAT candidate base after US and China!

Flipkart was in news for another reason last week – While other eCommerce players are having price wars, Flipkart is moving in other direction by increasing the free shipping limit from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500

We announced results of our HP Hotsport Giveaway – 5 people received the awesome All-in-one device worth over eighteen thousand rupees.

Google has been coming up with lot of initiatives in recent times to keep online users safe on internet. In yet another move, they have launched “help for hacked website” where they take user through the steps that need to be taken incase the website gets hacked.

DTDC, a leading Indian courier company has launched Dotzot, India’s first Pan-India Delivery Network exclusively for Indian E-Commerce sites.

Indian senior policymakers (planning commission) took to Google+ hangout to have an interaction with Indian citizens to discuss key aspects of 12th Five year plan!

In a significant Judgement Delhi High Court has ruled that Telecom Operator, MVAS companies as well as websites cannot offer live updates of Cricket Matches as they violate rights of rights holder.

Here is an excellent Infographic created by Zepo that offers comparative analysis of Indian Courier Services For E-Commerce Businesses. It can serve as a great reference point!

Are you also joining the smartphone bandwagon? There are number of hidden costs involved in owning a high-end smartphone and during your purchase decision, you should consider these facts.

TRAI released their Jan 2013 Telecom subscriber growth report – Indian mobile subscriber numbers fell by 2.1 mln to reach 862.62 million. Active mobile subscriber percentage reached a healthy 82.02 percent.

And our weekly features – The Top 10 Indian Business News and Tech News round-up.

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